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Wednesday April 12, 2023; Take 2

Once again Hi to you faithful,

Father is not finished yet with part 2 of His rebuke to the queen of the South but now has extended it to the home of the queen of the North. Watch it all end on Thursday and then amazing weather to follow.

It is hard to believe the queen of the North does not even realize how she is destroying credibility she had with some of her questioning followers every time she opens her mouth about this event and this timing of it in her count. I guess we should be thankful, right?

Since last Monday the skies in the Land have been filled with daunting numbers of Storks giving their witness in the Promised Land to the change from winter to summer and thus, the Month of Abib. Please just check the record and while your at it check the timing of the past major portions of them migration to Europe. These numbers always happen during Passover and UB. What are we engaged in at the moment. The festivals of the First Month of the Biblical year. Why so many Storks during the first part of Fathers rebuke last week? Because the modern day Ruth has misidentified them in the past thinking pelicans were storks. She couldn't handle the following heat, so now they are not one of the Biblical witnesses in creation. Imagine that.

Most of you know they ride a Sharav event north through the Land. Once again simple fact. Thus the astounding numbers all last week, more than normal.

Here is a timely short story from today about these bold Biblical witnesses given in creation to us by our Elohim. (Just copy and paste for it is from the same paper in Israel.)

We will keep you posted on the weather for the next week seeing how Father has used the Sharav and then the deluge to rebuke the originators of the wrong calendars for this year. We will follow His lead.

Our peace we give to you.


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