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Wednesday August 16, 2023

Hi Folks,

We are hoping you are having a peaceful and fulfilling walk with our Shepherd in the Household of the Elohim. Linda and I are always busy with family, brethren, and maintaining and enhancing 2 properties. We retired from business in 2016 but retirement did not stop there.

The grape harvest in the Land is now expanding to the higher elevations after the dramatic heat wave they just experienced. It still has a long way to go. Unfortunately, some are keeping the Moed of Trumpets later this week. That is once their leader decides when it is and when it isn’t since she has switched up the dates and is now including conjunctions and that there really is no authority for there being 29 or 30 days in a month or for that matter 12 or 13 months in a Biblical Year.

I am informed that queenie says I am calling everyone (actually; one, without the every) liars who says she saw the crescent unaided to start this current month. Apparently, queenie says I did so because of my computer program that told me so.

First off it is not my “computer program” but algorithms which were put together by Bruce Armstrong and a friend of his, a long time ago. Yes, long before most were even hearing about visibility of the new moon from Jerusalem. Anyone can find our adaptations of it on our website under the Publications tab:

Queenie, in true grifter form, has not been answering direct questions but using her forked tongue methodology to insert something to deflect from her ignorance of such things. Thus, lots of accusations towards me to deflect from her shortcomings. She forgets how she started coming to fame (and fortune) some years back in regard to new moon sightings. Let me tell you about it and you will see it is my experience for many decades that guide me in such things.

Several years back Linda and I funded queenie and her husband Kenny Goldman to go to Jerusalem to look for a difficult to see upcoming new moon. She did so and had a friend accompany her in the actual process. We told her where the most advantageous location would be, due to the fact that I had done so many other times in Jerusalem myself and at times with Linda. That evening there was a heavy haze and some cloud cover forming a line up and above the location it would first be visible to see. Thus, we told her to get to an elevation where she could see below the bottom of this obstruction and wait. Don’t get jumpy and want to leave. Now while all of this was taking place she and Linda were on the phone. I was giving info to Linda and she was conveying it to queenie.

It was getting dark and stars were out high in the sky and the sun had set and faded earlier. In such instances as that night there will be a small window to see the crescent as it drops below the haze and clouds just before it sets over the Mediterranean Sea. One must be patient and ready for a moments sighting. We knew that from experience. Sure enough, it popped out for a brief couple of minutes after most had stopped looking and packed up.

Queenie was the only one (with her friend) to see and photograph it. She was questioned by Roy as to her sighting, and let’s not forget chastised by Nehemia as a false witness once he heard of my involvement. It was then that she obtained some notoriety for sighting new moons. As always is such cases Linda and I stayed in the background.

The lesson here is that queenie speaks with a forked tongue as to our abilities and understandings of sighting new moons when she states it is by a computer program that I have called the one witness false for declaring a sighting a day earlier than it could have been sighted due to all the meteorological conditions which I stated at the time.

By accepting this false sighting as 99% of all the others who look to a sighting from Israel have done, she has put herself in a box, for the only opportunity to see this upcoming crescent from Israel will be Thursday evening in her counting of things. She now understands that and now is stating there is no authority to say a Biblical month is confined to 29 or 30 days. True grifter form eh!

This new moon has a visibility rating of 116 which means it can be seen by someone with normal vision. However, it has a 51 minute lag time from Jerusalem (not 52), which places it in the haze over the Mediterranean Sea. If there is higher than normal humidity or low level cloud cover, it will not be seen with the naked eye. It will be able to be located with optical aids and then some folks will imagine they can then see it and thus a false witness is born. If the humidity levels are normal for August and the clouds are puffy or no clouds at all, it will be seen. But based on the actual start of this current month tomorrow evening in Jerusalem will only be our 29th day.

Let’s see what Father has in store for us. It is our Elohim who have placed all the physics and mathematics in our Universe which govern such things. And let’s not forget They control the weather to bring about Their desired outcomes in many instances.

That’s why one of the tools in our belt for observing new moons is algorithms which use the physics and mathematics assigned to the two lights in the sky to understand their perfect timing patterns placed in them by our Elohim. And then there is experience, imagine that.

Our peace we give to you!


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