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Wednesday December20, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

We hope your midweek efforts in life are going well and you are growing in favor, acceptance, and knowledge of our Lord and Savior in your calling from Father.

This morning we have some photos to update a few areas in the Central and the South.

Lets start off with our early winter flowers so we keep them in mind. They change once we move through January.

Then we have 3 photos from an area you are familiar with. It took the First of the Firstfruits crown last year. It is located just south of the Jezreel Valley. Keep the tree in mind as the cycle moves through. These are some healthy grains here once again.

Now we move to the NW Negev/South. The first 2 photos show us that the rains that have made their presence in the area are doing their job with these fields of grain.

In our next 2 photos you will see the site of the festival massacre. Some of you guys know this location well for you have walked it every trip you took to the Land to inspect barley. It is behind schedule at this time but has had some recent rains.

In one photo notice the debris from a destroyed vehicle being surrounded with new life. The taller and broader shoots are wild oats. The smaller thin shoots are wild barley.

Over three hundred and sixty festival goers were slaughtered here. They were murdered as they slept and as they ran for their lives for miles before any help arrived. We have no word on the Bedouins who lived in the forest reserve here, but it does not look well for them either. The killing was indiscriminate.

Thank you Father for placing your holy angels about us to keep us safe. Help us to make their job easier.

Our peace we give to you.


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