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Wednesday February 8, 2023

Take two for the day.

Here are a couple of pictures which if presented to most would bring on statements of confusion if they had to be explained. However, some of you could walk through them easily in explaining what is being depicted. I say some for the vast majority of people on this Facebook Page are just "Peekers." People who really do not want to learn and understand the deeper things associated with the annual Abib Growth Cycle. They are happy to take a peek once in a while and then have someone tell them what to do.

Lets start with the morning look on the floor of the Jezreel Valley. Yes, that is snow. Farmers are not happy!

Now lets just venture up the Valley's south slope to the top and look a short distance south as of yesterday. We see winter wheat just coming out of the boot in some patches around this big field. If you remember we brought this location to your attention just after it germinated this cycle and that we would return to it throughout. Well here we are now. What do you notice in this picture as well as the other ones we have been posting of it this cycle? Yes, very stony soil. What is the lesson and pattern of stony soil in scripture?

This particular area has been one of the few which have received rain this season. Of course this is winter wheat and it is designed to do exactly what it is doing in these soils and with these meteorological conditions to date. What impact will the current weather have on it?

Last but not least, we have the residents of the Golan fleeing south for some warmth. But, they will need to take a long drive.


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