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Wednesday January 3, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

Here is a brief but informative summary of December by our friends at the IMS. It is easy to follow on the associated maps. Conditions were excellent for a good robust start to the grains in several of our traditionally early areas we inspect each March. Lets see how that holds up at the end of January.

Still on track for a March 12th start to the Month of Abib. But as you old timers know, that can change rapidly in some yearly growing cycles.

Oh yes, some of you new comers to this site are attempting to post. That does not happen here. If you wish to convey something to us using that method make sure it has a preview with it otherwise it is deleted. But, the assured way of contact for us is by using the email address at the top of the Facebook page.

Our peace we give to you!


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