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Wednesday January 31, 2024: Take 3

Good Morning once again,

Brenda spotted a few heads of domestic yesterday in one of our early locations. It is just south of the Jezreel Valley and some of you will no doubt recognize the area.

But first a few flowers rejoicing in the winter weather. In the second picture notice the heads just emerging in some goat grass. Remember goat grass is wild barley growing in areas which are not plowed and planted and harvested after the instructs from Isaiah. These areas at best are used for grazing livestock thus the name we have given them: goat grass.

Then 3 photos with the first having a few heads on the left coming out of the boot. Those few plants liked something in the soil no doubt. All their thousands of brethren have not.

Then a photo from the NW Negev showing wild oats at the top of it in head and starting their bowing before their Creator. Notice the variety, yet sparseness of the vegetation. That is indicative for very sandy soils in that area which are not used for growing crops. However, some still use goat grass from there to declare the start of the year.

Then a photo of what it looks like up in the Judean Hills outside of Jerusalem. Very green and lush. But still awaiting the emergence of the heads from the boot.

And lets not forget a trip down memory lane for some of you guys. This is atop the Gilboa Mountains near the junction of the Jezreel Valley and the Jordan Valley.

So many witnesses in creation in the Land are speaking wisdom to us. Not all will hear what they have to say and that is okay. Each in their own time. As a reminder, next week we should see an explosion in both Domestic and Wild Barley exiting the boot to see the light of day. That is when they are fertilized and the seeds are born in the heads so to speak.

There is a wonderful similarity in timing in 3 of our early locations around the country this year. With that said let me state it is looking good for a March 11th start to the Biblical year and the Month of Abib if you use the methodology that the First of the Firstfruits needs to be ready sometime near the middle of the first month, thus qualifying for the Wavesheaf Offering on the Sunday during the Days of Unleavened Bread or as many of you say, The Unleavens.

For those using the Nehemia Doctrine, that the Wavesheaf must be ready by the last day of the 12th month, you will certainly need to be patient and wait on that one.

What we do is present the Biblical agricultural evidences for you all to make your own decisions. There is a simplicity in all of that which we have undertaken from the very beginning of the inspections in the Land in 2002.

Maybe we will do a short history lesson on that year for the new folks who are not familiar with the people who were present then and the dynamics surrounding it.

Our peace we give to you!


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