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Wednesday July 19, 2023

Re: Fake new moon sightings and reports from Jerusalem

Hi Folks, We are hoping things are well with you all and you are learning how to discern the spirits as the activity of the minions of our adversary quicken the pace. The INMS has once again put out a false crescent sighting report for last evening (Tuesday 18). Once again, Jewish Fables is a fitting term for such. Its actually a polite one as well when more pointed ones could be used. So there, I am playing nice. Unfortunately some have foolishly picked it up and are informing members of the Body of Christ it is to be accepted. Sad but true. Why? Because the crescent at a 103 ranking (Bruce's algorithms) is impossible to see with the extent of the haze line over the Mediterranean that was in place yesterday. Absolutely impossible with the naked eye! The individuals who reported seeing it used magnifying equipment to locate it and then think they saw it with their eyes. I, as well as some of you, have stood where these two have in many past years so I speak from a lot of experience and thus no their testimony is a complete falsehood. The visibility rating would have had to be a minimum of 125 to be able to see the crescent from that location with the existing conditions and that would have required good eye sight. Thus, we have 2 false witnesses promoting the agenda of the INMS. For those of you who are not aware of it, the INMS was taken over by the Rabbinate years ago for it posed a threat to the incorrect calendar processes they so foolishly worship. The real sad part is that some of you are picking it up and using it. Maybe some day I will post all the events of the takeover which I have shared with some of you in the past. The apostle Paul warned us all about these things so long ago.

By the way, the new month will start based on Jerusalem observance after sunset today.

Our peace we give to you.


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