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Wednesday July 19, 2023: Take 2 of the fake crescent sighting.

Well, it did not take the instructors imbued with spiritual stupor from the Elohim to rally the forces and make a vain attempt at supporting their claim of two witnesses in Jerusalem seeing the new moon crescent yesterday after sunset. Please take the time to read their pathetic answers in support of their failed and self appointed responsibilities. It was a physical impossibility to see it last night without optical enhancements. By now you should all be able to evaluate the conditions present to cross examine a purported witness. Even the most experienced observers could not see it without the zoomed in magnification of binoculars or a zoom lens camera. As soon as I saw the extent of the haze line on the horizon at sunset from a Jerusalem viewpoint I knew it would not be seen unaided, let alone located without a lot of optical enhancement. That is experience speaking. Please learn from this attempt to confuse and deceive the Body of Christ by the enemies of the Gospel of Christ. Some of you guys use cameras for a living. Take a look at the picture in the INMS post and tell us what you think the magnification is. It is so large that even the fading sunset gives off a very red background. Why imagine that, it lets the broken line of the crescent to be faintly seen. I have been informed that the picture in question is being attributed to both Gadi and Roy? That can't be so, who's is it? I will post the verdict if the real photographer steps forward. On another aspect of this tragic event, I mentioned to Linda that it would not be long before some of the spiritually dull teachers started claiming it supports the date of the crescent in their halachic times. For those of you who do not understand that term it simply means the rabbinical calendar in use by Judaism at this time. Sure enough, they are proclaiming just that prior to me writing this second post today. Such a tragedy that some in the Body are perpetuating such deceptions to the newly called and inexperienced members. Father will not tolerate it for too long. Our peace we give to you.


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