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Wednesday March 1, 2023

Good Morning Folks, As we promised we have attached a short PDF entitled a typical March. Many of you are familiar with it but lots are not so it is important to make it available so they are not caught unaware by the actions of some, not all.

Once again, I hope it opens for you as I am not that good at posting things at times.

In the March calendar you will see specific dates with specific events which take place year after year. That is simply a fact if you take the time to record such things.

These dates speak to some of the witnesses in creation which are affected by the increased amount of sunlight this time of year. They are required to have the Month of Abib start in the lunar cycle decided upon by our Elohim.

Of course this is the short version but very thorough. The longer more detailed article is found on our website. Here is a link to the article on how to determine the start of the year when not in the Land.

We hope these can be of assistance to you in your determinations. If you have any questions let us know by emailing us at the email listed here on this Page. We have posted a lot of pictures this year in real time and you should not need anything else to put together the simple fact that this upcoming new moon will be the start of the Biblical New year. Its all about patterns upon patterns. We just present the evidences to you at no cost for that is a function we have in the Body of Christ/Messiah. But that decision is one you must make personally and not depend on another to make it for you. This is a vital part of having a one on one very intimate relationship with our Savior and Husband to be.

We are finally into a good warmup in the Land. At least until the beginning of next week. This is what is needed to move along several of the witnesses we follow. We may even get a sharav event this week. You can see where sharav events fit into the timing in the Abib growing cycle in the articles attached here. If this one happens it will be just in time to assist the acceptable barley for the upcoming new moon.

There will be some south winds switching to the east as the week moves along. Lets see if the first of the white storks take an easy ride North on the south winds. Spectacular to watch from the Land. Our peace we give to you.

A Typical March Calendar
Download PDF • 107KB


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