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Wednesday March 6, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

We hope your day is up and running well. This time of year my day starts between 2 am to 3 am to secure photos from all of our outlets in Israel. It usually takes about 3 hours to put a post together once the sources are checked if we are not familiar with them. That will slow down greatly next week as we enter the Month of Abib.

That is my function in the Body. Unfortunately there are some folks who want us to chew there food for them. It has taken us thousands of hours to internalize what we have studied, experienced, and committed to memory. That is the same for others involved in this calling and specifically to the Abib Calendar Doctrine.

The closest we can come to assisting you complainers; who are few and far between, is to simply say: put in the time and effort. We can't give you an instant understanding of this process, nor do we want to. The parable of the sower instructs us about such an outcome. If you really want to know what you need to do in the Calendar and to understand the terms and such then go to the archived reports on the website and start in 2002 and read them up to the present time. There are also many articles about it all on the website as well. Father and Christ will determine if you will be allowed to go beyond the milk of the word for they are the only ones who can make that happen.

If you asked my children what my favorite saying was when they were growing up they would tell you: "I'm not your mother."

Remember we are a Body each having specific gifts which are used to edify the rest of the Body. Only our Head can do it all. So onto the part that we here at can actually do.

A big thank you to John this year for his inspection trip to the Land. He has been doing so for a few years now and knows some of the early grain locations. Linda and I were going to be meeting up with him once again this Thursday but you know the rest of that story.

He was in the NW Negev yesterday and sent over some nice videos and pictures. The first 3 photos this morning are from fields he checked. As you can see the domestic grain: both barley and wheat which were planted prior to the October early rains are in good condition in the Re'im area. They for the most part have entered the dough stages. I tried to take a photo off of the video where John opens up a kernel to show the big plump dough content but it was a dismal failure on my part.

If you compare these to the photos from the area this past week it is easy to see there is a lot of domestic grain in the dough stages. Harmony is always a beautiful thing to see in the 12th Biblical month. These locations here will be cut for silage any day now. Some could already have been.

Hopefully John can reach some of the locations in the upper Jordan Valley today. That is his plan.

And yes, I need to let Lorrie know I inadvertently lost your photos from yesterday in your request to post which had a preview. Lorrie lives near Netivot and sent some pictures of wild barley and tares over. So if you get opportunity please send them again.

Lots of sheep have dropped their lambs and are sticking close to eat and refresh until the little ones are deemed able to be out with them.

And then the next photo is simply one of peaceful coexistence and harmony in creation.

The vineyards are still dormant unless under canopies, and of course that would be a false witness if used.

Maybe some more posts later today. It is a very busy day here with our everyday life's needs and necessities and duties. And let us say, it is difficult not being in the Land this year. I know I personally am missing the smells and breezes and missing not being able to give a big hug to our friend and brother Pierre.

Thank you all for stepping up to the table and dining one on one with our Lord and Savior. We are just a small part of helping that happen. The success of that is on you individually.

Our peace we give to you.


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