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Wednesday November 15, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

Lots of nice rain has fallen yesterday in the grain regions we inspect in the Land. More on the way as well.

But, today we are not talking about the rain but the error of eating from the table of an instructor of Judaism. Paul has warned us over and over again to not do that, but there are many who trip over themselves to do so and also to boost their instructors ego with many accolades. That is a mechanism for tripping and falling flat on your face and separating yourself from Christ.

Scripture instructs us these teachers are the people of religious stupor. Please wake up.

Tonight after sunset will be the start of the 9th month of the Biblical Calendar. This current month (8th) is a complete 30 day month because the crescent of the new moon was impossible to see with the naked eye last night in Israel let alone just in Jerusalem. Yet one of the instructors of Talmudic Judaism, in all its traditions and commandments of men, has stated the following.

"On November 14th 2023 after sunset I attempted to sight the moon from northern Israel. Due to a storm over the region the sky was completely covered with clouds. The moon would have been easy to sight if the skies had been clear."

When this was brought to my attention I just gave a sigh. One of you stated it is already causing confusion. My reply was simple, no it isn't causing confusion with members of the Bride, the body of Christ, but only with tares and babes not eating solid food.

Please remember the source here is Yoel who is engulfed in the Talmud. The religion of that is Judaism. The incorrect Calendar of Judaism has Kislev starting after sunset yesterday the 14th of November. The attachment below shows that. Today is the second day for them.

So what you have here is a slight of hand. The father of Judaism is very adept at such things. By the way those are Christs words not mine, if you actually believe Him.

Please do not be dummed down by such things. The best way to not do that is to not eat off that table as we are instructed in the Second Marriage Covenant scriptures.

Our peace we give yo you.


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