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Wednesday September 20, 2023: Take 3

As Brian mentioned earlier, below is our first Israel Rainfall Summary for the upcoming Abib season. You may notice that this is earlier than we posted the last couple years. That is because Israel has received some early rains! Last year we didn’t post until well into October because there just wasn’t anything to report. Although the IMS is not yet reporting the % normal to date numbers, you can see several areas we track have received rain already, with Besor Farm at 10% of annual. I noticed that many other areas we don’t typically report on here had rain recorded as well.

It is always exciting to start watching for what our Elohim has in store for us!

Speaking of watching, I also want to share some thoughts I had while I was looking for the crescent of the 7th month here in Oklahoma last week. Even though I make my monthly determination based on crescent sightings in Jerusalem, I still practice personally sighting the crescent from my local area. What was especially interesting to me last week was the difficulty I had initially finding the crescent, considering we had clear skies. I was expecting it to be easier to see, but I learned first-hand what the affects that humidity can have on finding it. The humidity caused quite a thick haze here in OK, and made the brightness of the crescent much more “dull” and harder to find even though we had little to no clouds. Once I found it, I realized it was the haze that made it challenging so I went to check the reported humidity level and sure enough, it was 78%! I was happy to have experienced this first hand, so that I could relate to how this can impact anyone’s ability to find the crescent regardless of location. A great experience I thought I’d share with you all.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the upcoming 7th month festivals!

2024 Rain Record
Download PDF • 31KB


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