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Wrong Count Weather

Sabbath, May 25, 2019

Hi Folks,

As is our function, we are still monitoring conditions in the Land as to what has and is transpiring this year. With many brethren being deceived into following an intercalated year and a passover in April instead of March, the record will not be complete until their count to Pentecost/Weeks is completed. Most should be aware of what the Elohim teach us in Deuteronomy 11:10-12. They control the weather from the beginning of the year until the very end of the year. They use the weather to show Their pleasure and displeasure as to keeping Their appointed times in Their timing.

As talked about many times throughout the past 14 weeks, we have seen many visible witnesses sent from the Elohim about Their desire as to the turn of the year and to Their dissatisfaction for those not keeping it as They witnessed to it. We have continued to report during the Nehemiaite/Judaism fake intercalated start of their year that there was snow in Dan, the Golan and half an inch of rain in Jerusalem with much hail throughout the Land for their fake passover, UB, wavesheaf day, which they were keeping.

The dramatic fluctuations of weather have been nonstop during their incorrect timing, with temperatures hitting unimaginable highs throughout the Land for April. These even surpass many of the highs for the middle of the summer months. In particular, this week, we have observed highs of 111 degrees F in all the South and 104 degrees F in the North. This is very important to note as this is directly hitting the barley areas we traditionally observe and use during the Abib reports and which were completely harvested weeks ago. The false calendar prophets are telling you that their barley harvest is still going on with the biblical wheat harvest yet to start. No blessing there! Don’t be so naïve. Jerusalem has been scorched with 108-111 degrees F temperatures. That is not blessed harvest weather.

Areas in the North and South have been completely crushed with extreme heat waves, dust storms, sand storms, out of control wildfires burning forests, fields, and communities, locusts, swarms of beetles, etc. The list of displeasure goes on and on.

During this fake count to Pentecost the Elohim are clearly showing them their error. But will they listen? Or is this a pattern of behavior which Native Israel exhibited so long ago and led to them being separated from the Elohim. The barley is so dead and fields so dried out that dust storms are developing with all the hot dry winds which have been blowing through the Land. This is what we explained might happen with keeping this incorrect timing for Passover/Pentecost when we were in the Land reporting on the conclusion of our search. We are not trying to look down our noses at anyone, but trying to give a defense for the hope that is in us as commanded in scripture!

The areas which we use for referencing weather conditions starting several months before we start the inspections at the end of the twelfth month, and then our follow-ups afterwards, are familiar to most of you who follow our reports from year to year. Just a few of the regional areas with the extremely HOT temps are as follows: Beer Sheva, Kiryat Gat, Southern/Northern Negev, Sderot, Tiberias, Beit'Shean, Galilee. & Jerusalem.

Please use this website below or any other for that matter to look at the weather in Israel for this past week and before. Just type in what city or town you prefer:

Here is a quote from DEBKAfile which is just a sampling of the coverage of the fires raging throughout the country:

“The big fires raging through central inland Israel on Wednesday forced 3,500 people to leave their homes in Mevo Modi’in, Gimzu, Kfar Daniel, Shilat, Kfar Ruth, Neot Kedumim and Kibbutz Harel. At least 20 houses were burned down. The blaze also swept through the Nachshonim forest and the Ben Shemen Park. Highway 443 to Jerusalem was closed for several hours. Around 22 people were overcome by smoke, some were hospitalized. By nightfall most of the fires had been brought under control by boosted firefighting teams. The exceptionally hot and windy weather is expected to worsen on Thursday, aggravating the threat of more fires. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked Cyprus, Greece and other neighboring countries for assistance, mainly fire extinguishing aircraft, for beating the flames. Russia has come forward with an offer of help.”

This is all a curse as described throughout scripture relevant to decisions made. Our Father and our Savior are giving everyone the evidences and the impetus they need, to see with their own two eyes, to move into the timing of Their Correct Calendar Year, so that all can finish it up in the right timing for Their annual Rehearsals of Their appointed times of meeting with Them.

Our Peace we give to you.


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