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Friday December 29, 2023

Good Morning Brethren and Happy Prep Day to you.

We hope you are avoiding all the pitfalls and traps and detours of our adversary and his minions. They come in both physical and nonphysical forms these days as things intensify around the globe (not flat earth) at the end of the age. So many who started in this walk with the calling of Father unto His Son have strayed from the straight course into completely bizarre understandings on just about every Biblical subject. It is easy to understand how this can happen having had to face so many similar trials and tests for well over 4 decades now. Our adversary is relentless. We need to stay focused for our adversary understands and practices the art of division. He is the master of it. And let’s face it, strange understandings can do that in the form of winds of doctrine.

With that said there are many topics and subjects I could address but my primary function is simple: The Abib Calendar of God/Elohim. It is the watershed doctrine here at the end of the age that we all need to master so we can qualify to cross over the threshold into the family of the Elohim as the eternal helpmate to our Savior/Husband.

Isaiah 1:14 Your New Moons and your appointed feasts my soul hates;they are a trouble to Me, I am weary of bearing them.

I have heard so many prognosticators apply this verse to those of Judaism. That is a correct application, but it does not stop there. It also applies to those called under the terms and conditions of the Second Marriage Covenant (SMC) as well. Yes, to you and to me. Father and Son have put up with some of the incorrect dates we have kept in the past in our infancy in the Body. But here at the end of the age, when knowledge and access to it, have increased exponentially there is no excuse to not keep THEIR appointed times of meeting on the days THEY choose from year to year. What a simple precept to understand.

We have been given the means and methods to undertake this task at this time. Our adversary understands this all too well and is doing everything he is allowed to do to turn us from that very simple qualifying precept. Chaos and confusion entered the truth of the process for keeping it right from the beginning of my personal involvement to it. Some of us have been fighting it off and some have thrown in the towel.

So today I will be addressing several of the pitfalls which have attached themselves to the Abib Calendar here at the end of the age. The minion side of things. If you are skittish about such things and live in a bubble you may want to stop reading here and just be happy and wait for the next round of pictures. I have a responsibility to bring these things to memory.

Here at the end of the age we are witnessing to the prophesy of Amos in 8:11-12 being fulfilled in all of its relevancy.

Amos 8:11-12 Behold, the days are coming,” says Adonay Yehovih,that I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of Yehovah. They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of Yehovah, but shall not find. In that day the fair virgins and strong young men shall faint from thirst.

A very sobering account of what is taking place right now, at this time. This is talking about the entirety of the WORD of Elohim as it so clearly points out. The context is all about the spiritual bread not the physical, and is speaking to the condition of the spiritual virgin and spiritual young man, and not to the physical condition. They are driven to eat from tables containing unclean food and suffer the consequences of it.

The only place we find that Word in its entirety is in the pages of the BIBLE. Yes, in its entirety, both Marriage Covenant scriptures. The Words of Elohim are not found in the Talmud or the Mishnah, and only part of them in any of the three versions of Judaism’s Torah. Yet so many of those called by Father, who are babes in Christ, are being deceived into eating from those tables for lack of mature members of the Body of Christ instructing them to the fact that those tables contain forbidden foods which are not to be internalized. Please do not forget that satan is the master of taking scripture out of context in his efforts to deceive. If you did not know it, there is a spiritual equivalent to unclean foods after the example of Leviticus 11.

There are so many young ones in their calling running to and fro looking for nourishing truth today. But as in the case of every babe, they test everything by trying to eat it whether hungry or not. The same spiritual equivalent is taking place right now brethren. We need to all stand in the breech on this one. You can’t ignore it if you are mature in the truth once delivered. It is no surprise or coincidence there are followers of Judaism’s table of unclean spiritual foods enticing some of the babes in their calling unto Christ/Messiah to sit and dine with them, rather than with the true Savior. They did not recognize or failed to be alert to the knock on the door (Revelation 3:20).

I have often quoted on our sites the many scriptures in the Bible warning us, as well as commanding us, not to eat from that table. Yet many who consider themselves mature in the faith ignore these very clearly written scriptures, somehow envisioning themselves with a greater sense of righteousness and thus inclusion and mercy above and beyond the apostles, who were inspired to write them all down for our admonition. What a spiritual death trap that has developed.

The teachers who have attached themselves here at the end of the age to the Abib Calendar with Judaism as their foundation are simply tools to separate the barley from the chaff. It is so easy to see that, if we look through the eyes of the spirit we have been blessed with. When you see someone devout in Judaism cozying up to one called a Christian on a spiritual level you have a big problem developing. Christ instructs us there are 2 different fathers in play there. Totally incompatible for spiritual cohesiveness.

In every single case you will see the teacher/follower of Judaism asking for your money at some point and attempting to indoctrinate you slowly into their tenets. At least those tenets the individual keeps, for as in little “c” Christianity, there are many conflicting ones from sect to sect in Judaism. And let’s not forget that over time they will come to scold you for their lack of funds to carry out their so-called functions on your behalf. A sterling example of that is seen in all the “queen of the south’s” posts. In fact, the one from a few days ago is a vivid example of a shakedown, and a shaming of her followers, who by the way are almost to a member, Christians.

If someone lives in Israel and takes upon themselves a function of inspecting fields for barley in March/April (not February for that is always winter based on scriptural patterns and the meteorological companies who report on such things in Israel) or for sighting new moons, there is very little expense incurred. The only expense they have is gas for their daily trips. Packing a lunch and taking some bottled water is a standard protocol. If you take route 6 you have some small toll fees. THAT’S IT FOLKS! Their expenses are minimal! Yet some of you reading this get scolded for not sending more and more money. Why do they need your money, are they not going to do it for themselves? So why insist you send them volumes of money? Give us a break. Maybe you should question them about that. Don’t be so easily defrauded.

Mathew 10:8 instructs us that “freely you received, freely you give.” It is easily translated: “you received without paying: give without requiring pay.”

That is the big “C” Christian way. That is following the example Christ/Messiah set. That is how we are to do things. That is not referencing a local pastor who shepherds a flock full time. That is a very different and well explained pattern in scripture. That is a gift which by the way I do not possess as folks who know me well can certainly attest to. So, I don’t even try. We are placed in the Body by Christ as He gives us the gifts we require. Actually He enhances ones we have so they are better used for His purposes.

Keep focused for there are no anti-Christs and no grifters allowed in Body of Christ so do not get sucked into giving them your money or your undivided attention. They relish both.

These anti-Christs and grifters will also tell you how dangerous it is. Really? Then don’t go out if you are skittish and lack such simple faith. It’s just a ploy to garner sympathy and a way to your money. If you are doing the work of the Elohim, you will not be harmed. Why? Because you are guided by the spirit of wisdom in your journey’s planning. Almost every location we inspect around the Land has multiple routes to get there to avoid any questionable locations enroute. Lots of you guys know that from personal experience while with us. Father protects us as we help ourselves in that. Make wise decisions about when and where you inspect.

But PT Barnum said it straight: “there is one born every minute.” He was referencing a “mark” or simply put, someone stupid enough to give him money.

The false teachers of spiritual stupor called Judaism are not the only threat to the Abib Calendar of God/Elohim. Many little “c” christian hucksters have realized there is a lot of money to be made spinning a version of the real Abib Calendar. They too have a table set full of spiritual stupor. These grifters have figured out how easy it is to separate eager young babes, and tares (the name of the mixed multitude for the SMC terms and conditions) from their money. Yes, like taking candy from a baby. Some of them even run around from city to city with their traveling show. It’s like a religious circus.

There are quite a number of them who went out from amongst us. Sad but true. Unfortunately, I have trained some of them about the fundamentals of the Abib Calendar. With that they have tailored a falsehood around it and then sell their wares to the babes who like to eat anything, clean or not, as they visit the religious marketplace.

There are so many teachers of stupor and hucksters now associated with the Abib Calendar it is difficult to sort through them.

Onward Christian soldiers marching in this war. No time for side shows, teachers of spiritual stupor, or any strange (bizarre) winds of doctrine. They have a purpose at this time but it is not for the members of the Body of Christ/Messiah to internalize or be a part of. There are a lot of babes and tares clamoring around the two queens in the Land one in the north and one in the south. Both queens are grifters, one pushing Judaism and the other Christianity.

I see the queen of the north has made her way back to her pen from her extended grifting tour in the States. Let the deceptions begin anew, eh! It just wouldn’t be the same without her delusional rants about her importance to everyone’s salvation, along with her bastardized understandings of Biblical matters, let alone agricultural ones.

Father uses folks like her and the queen of the south to separate the holy barley from the chaff when it comes to His Abib Calendar doctrine here at the end of the age. Lots of chaff blowing in both of their winds of doctrine.

Welcome back to the queen of the north, for you do have a place and a role to play out here at this time. Just not what you think or say it is. A good thing for your pocketbook there is a mixed multitude who have money to spare. That is your full-time job, right!

What a hoot reading the queen of the south stating; we have just reviewed our books and the cupboard is bare. If you want us to continue to send you erroneous reports and understandings, give us more cash. She is trying to portray herself as some big group or corporation by making such obvious shakedown statements. What she is saying is my personal bank account is getting low. That may or may not be the case but it is a good ploy to beat on her sheep with.

I addressed both of their rantings in the buildup to the change of the year this past cycle. You can read them there in the postings. The queen of the north twists scriptures just like her father does while the queen of the south likes to just throw out her old doctrines and bring in the new out of the clear blue. Which ones will meet that fate this cycle since she will be obviously once again way out of season. Will there be an abrupt reversal due to a new understanding? Time will tell. She has been losing money to the queen of the north and even to a few others of her religion who reside in the Land. Some I know well; others are new to the scene. Yes, the vultures are circling the little lost sheep. It is sickening to watch and then to see some who have an ability to prevent some of this from taking place just walking away from it.

Cowards is an appropriate designation for them. But they are not of our personal flock they say to justify their behavior. Really, how does that work out with the Chief Shepherd? We are all of His flock; you don’t own any of it just function in it under Him. Please get with the program you were put into, and speak up. It could be your “now I know moment” just like Abraham went through. Yes, we all have one in our lives so Father knows you will never turn your back on Christ or Him. What are you afraid of?

As we move through this Abib Growth Cycle, we will continue to post a photographic display of the timing of the season as it progresses deeper into the winter and up through the change from Winter to Summer. We will also post about the grifters changing times and seasons as well. Actually, even more so this year so there is a very clear distinction. And understand this, we will also acknowledge correct decisions in that as well. Imagine that.

And yes, we do all of this without getting a cent from anyone. We are blessed to be able to carry out our function in the Abib Calendar work from Father and Christ. And just think, our expenses are geometrically higher than anyone who lives in the Land. Thank you Father!

So, please be careful and avoid the obvious traps set by the father of lies as he works through his offspring. And please keep your money in your own pocket and see how long the grifters stick around.

Our peace we give to you!


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