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Friday December 8, 2023

Good Morning and happy Prep Day to everyone!

We hope your burden will be light and your expectations for the upcoming Sabbath be full of delight this preparation day given to us by our Elohim. They (Father and Son) have thought of everything.

Some of you guys are asking about the area that took the First of the Firstfruits crown last year? Attached are 4 pictures of it from today. The first 2 show the wild oats and wild barley growing happily along with all the early rains in the area. The second two are of domestic grains doing likewise.

Please remember, this is what we look for when inspecting in the Land, that is, the two barley sisters growing together. And do not forget their cousin the wheat if planted at the same time as the domestic barley. Everything planted with seed in the ground (grains) prior to the first early rains has the same life cycle of growth. Simple fact many can't seem to get these days. Apply the spiritual reality to the wheat in that instance and you may have a clearer view of why it is important in that circumstance and for that matter, when and why it is not.

Our peace we give to you.


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