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Friday December 9, 2022

Happy Preparation Day to you all,

Attached is a picture from one of Yifat's daily walks which speaks many things to us about the growth cycle in the Land at this time of early winter.

On the right we have young winter wheat growing in very stony ground. Keep in mind the lessons our Savior taught us in the parable of the sower as to understanding the pattern of it.

Then we have an area of the fields which is unusable for anything except picking up stones from the surrounding fields which to some extent is quite funny. I believe one could spend the better part of a lifetime doing so in this location and still not have the fields cleared of them.

But, look at one of the 4 species of darnel (tares/rye grass) starting its growth in the location. Zoom in to see the broad leaf shoots of it. Then look at the small shoots peaking through. That is wild oats following its pattern in the cycle. Of course all of these "grasses" will have their growth slowed in the weeks ahead.

Parts of eastern Europe are getting snow and cold temperatures and that system is moving south, towards the eastern Mediterranean Sea area. We will see next week if in fact it makes it there. Lets not forget the field on the left here. It has yet to be worked which is telling us it will not be used for any wintering grains this cycle.

Hope you all have a wonderfully peaceful Sabbath rest ahead.


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