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Friday February 16, 2024

Hi Folks and a Happy Prep Day to All!

The work week is almost over with the blessing of the knowledge of this preparation day, which introduces the safety and peace of the Sabbath.

There are just too many pictures to post at times and this is one of them. By that I mean photos with immediate relevancy to the 12th month in the Land.

Maybe later today we will catch up with some of the other witnesses in creation placed there by our Elohim to instruct us in making wise decisions and judgments.

Once again Mount Hermon watching over the 12th Biblical Month.

Then we start off with the flower of the 12th month which always blooms in conjunction with the timing of the grains entering the 5th stage of Zadoks code. And the harmony of plant and insect life during it as well. Perfect balance. And the blossoms which are decorating the Land as well.

Barley and wheat bursting into the head stage (#5) across the Land giving witness to the last few weeks of the second half of winter.

And now some of the winter activity: prepping the grapes for their witness to the changing of the year next month. Pruning, tying, and wiring may bring back memories for some of you guys. I know it does for me. However we used to have to do our pruning in the snows of winter in Ontario (Canada).

Our peace we give to you!


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