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Friday February 9, 2024

Good Morning and happy Prep Day to All,

It is a wonderful thing to see the Land working in harmony with the Word of God/Elohim. It never ceases to take my breath away.

Several good days of sunshine has a lot of things taking place with the witnesses in creation. It appears a little rain will show up soon then more sun then a cold snap; if the weather prophets are correct. We will see what Father has to say about that. In all of this we follow what is said, but ultimately wait on Him.

The first picture today says it all. Here is the upper Jordan River flooding over its banks with Mount Hermon in all her winter glory approving.

Then a simple tribute to the Harmony in creation.

Now a picture of a very old olive tree in an old grove. Just imagine the stories she could tell us.

Let us then not forget the sheep. These girls are heavy with late term pregnancy. Its the same in the vast majority of the sheep around the country. Keep in mind goats have a tendency of dropping young earlier than sheep. Some of you guys will no doubt recognize the location of the first photo. It is on the Judean Hills slopes driving down to the Dead Sea not far from Alon Junction.

Then a photo of young wild oats.

Then a close up of young wild barley just starting to emerge from the boot (swollen stock). The lighter colors on the left at the top of the one stock is what it looks like when it first peeks out.

Then a large grain field in the South starting to come out of the boot with a field of anemones below it.

Then a domestic field with a close up to follow.

There are so many daily photos of the Land giving witness to the timing of the Abib Growing Cycle it is difficult to keep up with them.

I hope I didn't miss any photos in the sequence.

More later.

Our peace we give to you.


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