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Friday January 19, 2024

Good Morning Brethren and Happy Prep Day to you,

I also include the mixed multitude in that as well. We all share the same sand box here at the end of the age and you also view this Page.

For you new comers to this site, you will come to notice that it is a non-posting and information only one. The rules are simple: take the information for your personal use. Use it or disregard it in your determinations as to the start of the Biblical Year. Thats it, very simple and you will never be asked for a penny for our Elohim has blessed us in our working careers. They say tithe and keep it in my storehouse for a future use and that is what we did. Once again, a very simple premise.

If you do wish to contact us for anything: good, bad, or indifferent please use the email address at the top of this Facebook Page.

We hope your week so far has been productive and provided opportunities to grow in favor, acceptance, and knowledge unto our Lord and Savior and our heavenly Father.

Tomorrow we will probably put up a post on how to look for the new moon from the region of Jerusalem. There are folks who profess to be expert in it but fall short of being in the right locations. Some of you will find it very interesting and some already have that information, but it never gets old.

But for today we have some photographs once again depicting the timing of the grain and flowers in this years Abib growing cycle.

The red anemones are becoming more numerous amongst the goat grass locations but nowhere near their glory of next month (February). Don't forget the fakes mixed in as well. Very Biblical in so many ways. There are spiritual lessons embedded in the physical creation for us to be instructed in and for us to be reminded of.

As we have been posting, there has been a transition to the second half of winter flowers.

The domestic grain in the region south of the Jezreel Valley is right on schedule this cycle.

For those who are looking for the goat grass in the upper Jordan Valley here are some shots for you.

As many of you know this is the time in the cycle when Mount Hermon wears her white crown. The vineyard in the forefront is still a month away from being pruned here on the Golan.

With all of the sustained winter rains in many regions of the Land, the barley: both domestic and wild, are growing big and flush. That is the pattern embedded in all grains under such conditions.

This brief warm up will assist that taking place even more. What that does is keep the plants in a juvenile state of growth maturity as detailed in Zadoks code. Don't get tripped up with marginal growth areas which produce unacceptable wild barley. These areas have already started to dry up due to a lack of rain and the soil composition. That is why they are dedicated to growing goat grass. For those who do not understand that term, it is wild barley and wild oats which grow in areas traditionally used for grazing. Scripture instruct us about the type of soils and in what geographical locations acceptable barley is grown.

If it is in soils which can't be plowed, it can't be used. Then all the other criteria is applied after that. We look for the two sisters witnessing to the will of our Elohim. That is, wild and domestic barley growing together. Yes, two witnesses. But please keep in mind there are another 9 Biblical witnesses embedded in creation which hold their arms up. They are posted on this Page and are also available in great detail from our website:

It appears that the coldest air of the season may be upon us soon. We will see if the jet stream over Europe dips further south or not. So don't be surprised to see some snow south of Hermon this upcoming week.

We hope you have a good prep day and peaceful transition into the Sabbath rest.

Our peace we give to you!


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