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Friday June 9, 2023

Happy Prep Day to you All!

We are hoping things are going well for you as you take the straight and narrow road.

Here is an update from the IMS on the upside down meteorological events still continuing well into the 3rd Biblical Month. Lots of folks spouting off about them in some really idiotic ways but that is the way of things here at the end of the age.

Remember there are 3 specific types of rain with their patterns and outcomes in the Bible: Early Rain, Later Rain, and Rain Out of Season. Which do you think this would be classified as?

Exactly, Rain out of Season. What are the Biblical reasons for it?

Yes, Father is not happy with goings on there. Neither are many of you.

That resulted in an extended La-Nina ending in January/February and a yet to appear El-Nino. That void of time we are in has caused major disruptions with the trade winds as we mentioned in an earlier post.

That is why the weather in Israel and surrounding Middle East countries is up/down and all around these days. Very out of season.

We'll keep watching.


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