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Friday March 17, 2023

Good Morning Folks and a Happy Preparation Day to all,

Today is a low key morning for us but we plan on meeting up with Brethren who live here in the Land. Always a wonderful experience.

For a look ahead we mentioned Sunday is looking like another rain day and if it is we will be pursuing other activities from inspections. If it turns out to be a good sunny day we will return to our fields in the Center of the country (above the southern slopes of the Jezreel Valley and confluence of it with the Jordan Valley).

If we are still unable to get the videos to get rid of the fuzzy look we will just send out a series of pictures for each location with comments. As you have seen this trip up until we sent out the video evidences of multiple aviv grade locations they were all coming across in clear high definition. Our adversary is constantly meddling.

That same video issue also happened in 2019 when I returned to the Land just prior to Passover to prove through visual evidence that the year was a normal 12 month year and not an intercalated one which some of the local folks here were professing it to be to you. We had to have apple correct the video quality. Sending up was high definition but when the cloud sent them out they were blurry. Once again, the prince of the power of the air at work. The issue this year is we do not have our password for the iCloud account with us.

Once again, the videos were working well this past week until we got to the aviv evidence in many locations.

I hope I explained that right. If anyone has any ideas of how to correct the issue other than what I have stated please let us know. They are very clear on my phone. If you can assist remember to send it to the g-mail account at the top of this page. We still get folks jumping onto being members of the site and sending requests to post without previews. Imagine that! All the regular members know that is the only way we can see what is on their mind. Anything else is deleted.

We will keep you posted and if anything else comes in worth posting we will do so.

Our peace we give to you.


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