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Friday March 24, 2023

Good Morning Folks and Happy Prep Day to you All, (and New Year, and Month of Abib) The crew are all home safe and sound from this years inspections. Thanks for your many prayers.

It was wonderful to walk across many locations in the Land once again but, in other respects it was troubling. Two years of Wuhan insanity has closed many of the places we used to frequent. The country is also being split in two by extreme elements on both sides. Not unlike what we have here in the US. In the past week we have had many, many requests to post even after all the times we tell people we do not allow posting on this site. Thus all have been automatically deleted without opening them.

What do folks not get with those simple instructions? So, one more attempt to state what the policies are here. The simple rules are: if you want to tell us something good, bad, or indifferent or have a question you will need to use the email address on this Site listed at the top of the page for easy access. Or You can send over a request with a preview. We do open them and I do believe we have given answers to them in the context of the posts afterwards. If not let us know. For those who have specific questions, you need to follow the protocols above or we will never see what you are asking. Its that simple.

We answer lots of questions from all spheres of the Abib Calendar folks when done in this manner. Maybe most lately are not questions but people wanting an audience?

Well if your statement or question is worthy of displaying it to the members of this Page we will do that for the next week. So send them over. As difficult it is for those who like to pontificate to an audience most of the members here actually do not want to hear from others, just to get the information we publish for their own personal use.

Peace, peace, and there is peace here.


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