Friday March 25, 2022

Good Morning and Happy Preparation Day to All!

We hope you are looking forward to a wonderful Sabbath rest and the prospect of having some sustained time of communicating with our Elohim: Father and Son, after a busy week.

When I (Brian) checked this morning it was still snowing as far south as the Northern area of the Sea of Galilee. That will switch over to rain and sleet. You can watch that on the Zefat link we sent out. Of course on Mt Hermon it is still piling up as it is in other parts of the North.

Some folks actually like it while others dread it.

The rain chart from the IMS for today and Sabbath will not be available until Sunday sometime. Remember in Israel Friday and Sabbath are the weekend with Sunday being the start of the work week. So we have linked you to the interactive map which is easy to use.

Some of these rain totals from just yesterday are very impressive for the month of March. Jerusalem received from 1 to 2 inches depending on location. For those of you who have been there when the skies have opened up like that you know the chaos it can cause in the valleys as the torrents of water race down the hills.

If you get a chance to look at the forecast for next week in Jerusalem please do so. Temperatures will be getting into the 70'sF/20'sC. But there again I am told it is just a coincidence. To me it is being still and watching the power of our Elohim in directing us to follow their will and not my own.

If we don't post anything further today, please have a safe and peaceful preparation day and a restful Sabbath.

Bridget, Brenda, Linda, and Brian


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