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Friday March 31, 2023: Take 2

Hi Folks,

Lets indulge in a little pre Sabbath Humor. It is so easy to see that the Land has entered the Month of Abib that one could get sad thinking of the confusion forced by some on others who are only looking for guidance.

Lets follow one mans response in pictures from today.

In our first photo a young man has been told this is not the month of Abib. He can't believe what he was hearing so he called over a reliable friend to explain this to him in photo #2.

He too said that is crazy so they went over to another field, a wheat field, and asked a guy standing there, saying, we were just told this is not the Month of Abib. He simple gave them the look of disbelief. Like are you kidding me?

Then there are the folks taking a break from cutting silage. They just laughed it off.

But now to the serious side of things. The last photo is of a field of goat grass we showed you a week ago compare it to today. It is in the Negev. The one of the 3 doubters is in Ramot Menashe. The Center of the Land. Amazing how folks in the Land do not inspect that region of the country.

Hope you have a happy Sabbath!

Our peace we give to you.


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