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Friday March 8, 2024

Happy Preparation Day to you All,

It is amazing what 8 hours of sleep can do for you.

This is just a great film here. It is not often that you can catch the main thrust of the Great White Pelican migration through the Land in such numbers. A big high five to the photographer!

If you look at your Typical March Calendar file you will see the traditional start to the big flocks of White Storks is March 10th. That will be Sunday this year. Monday evening after sunset should start the Month of Abib and the official Biblical end to winter and start to summer. Monday and Tuesday will be the hottest days of the Gregorian year to date.

That means the winds will bring that heat into the Land so let's wait and watch and see if our Elohim will bring in the start of the big flocks of White Storks with unmistakable witness to the decision made by Them. The giant spires of storks riding the thermals created by the hot temperatures with them screaming out their witness to all with ears and eyes to hear would be quite the exclamation mark.

Our peace we give to you!


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