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Happy Sabbath once again!

For our second post today we are going to fill in some of the blanks created by the 11 year sun cycle and its recent effects in the Land. We have spoken about it in the past as to its relevance to the growing seasons etc., but at times we all need a refresher.

Many of you know we track the sun cycles via:

There are many subjects covered on a regular basis at that site. Some of interest, some not. You can find a detailed accounting of the sunspots during the current cycle and all the recent past ones. So why is this important?

Sunspot activity has a direct effect on the surface and the atmosphere of our Earth. That is a simple fact. From creating magnificent displaces of the Northern Lights (Northern Hemisphere) to disrupting communication systems, to bombarding the atmosphere with many different particles that can effect cloud structure, etc.

Knowing the workings of the 11 year sun cycles makes it difficult to sit and listen to the folks running around screaming global warming, global warming, we are all going to die! Save the earth, kill the people. You have all no doubt heard it all.

As we know the earth was created to handle lots of changes through its self repair mechanisms. Climate change will intensify as we near closer to the actual age of such prophesies being fulfilled. But lets be clear about the reason why, it is mans increasing amount of horrible and depraved sin's that are causing it to happen. Not our gas emissions. The evil of this age is debilitating to the prosperity of man having a relationship with our Creators. The earth can handle the gases as it repeatedly does to the dismay of scientists who actually read the data.

So enough of the soap box and onto the point of this post in real time. Included here is a current post on the site.

If the graph does not come through you can go to the site or wait for one of the girls to get up and make it happen. No laughing now.

Notice that the predictions have all been blown away for a docile Solar Cycle 25. Please read the simple data here. Skyrocketing solar sunspots and flares and we are still several years away (my estimations which is more than the experts) from the solar maxima. That is when the cycle of sunspots and flares maximizes in each 11 year cycle.

This past January was off the charts so to speak. So what some of you may says. Take a look at the weather in the Middle East in January and the difficult meteorological conditions experienced there and then go back through our yearly records comparing the degree of sunspot activity in each January and February and you will see the so what of it.

Patterns in creation completely controlled by our Elohim! We know there are going to be huge changes in weather at the end of the age so now you can get a preview of what is being used to cause them.

We hope this triggers a curiosity in some to look into them and be aware so you are not caught off-guard. SUNSPOT COUNTS HIT A 9-YEAR HIGH: In a continued sign of strength for Solar Cycle 25, sunspot counts just hit a 9-year high. This plot from NOAA shows how the monthly sunspot number skyrocketed in January 2023: The monthly sunspot number of 144 in January 2023 was only percentage points away from topping the previous solar cycle, Solar Cycle 24, which peaked in Feb. 2014 with a monthly value of 146.

Originally, forecasters thought Solar Cycle 25 would be about the same as Solar Cycle 24, one of the weakest solar cycles in a century. Current trends suggest Solar Cycle 25 will surpass that low threshold, at least. Solar Maximum is not expected until 2024 or 2025, so it has plenty of time to strengthen further, perhaps far exceeding Solar Cycle 24. You can follow the progression here.


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