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Monday February 12, 2024

Good morning Folks and a happy first day of the 12th Biblical Month. We know some of you have a different start to it and that is just one of the personal choices we all have to make in our calling. Just don't let anyone make it for you. Take the scriptures and the physical evidences and make your own informed decision.

Lots of things happen in creation this month in the Land. Never a dull moment.

Once again this Abib Growing Cycle we are following the witnesses in creation as to the exact time it is in that cycle in the Land. They are the same every year in their witnessing patterns.

Unfortunately many don't get that. What's important is that you do. For some of you new folks it has to be a very different experience from what you are used to. So much evidence you are able to use and evaluate in making your own informed decisions as to the starting of the Biblical Year with it switching from winter to summer.

It is not a difficult thing to do. We are able to tell you what will happen next and when from our experiences in doing this for decades. You too can do the very same thing.

On to the witnesses.

We are almost a week into the grain: both domestic and wild found in Biblically agricultural soils in the Land, coming out of the boot. We knew and told everybody it would happen and when before it did because it is a pattern sown in with other ones. When we see a specific stage of growth in our traditionally early locations and the weather is holding in a specific way we know that this amazing event will take place across the country. Just like an attentive farmer would. It too is accompanied by the emergence of specific second half of winter flowers. So the first photo from today is the head of domestic grain in Zadok stage 5 and the specific flower which accompanies it in that timing.

And lets not ignore the slopes of Hermon and in specific, its lower slopes. Once again as a reminder she may get a new crown this weekend. We will wait and see.

The girls are still heavy with their young. This years little ones should start to drop in numbers within 2 weeks.

And then the massive flow of the second half of winter water. The hills and valleys are receiving the rains from heaven in their season. Thus a blessing.

Our peace we give to you!


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