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Monday February 13, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

We are hoping the week has had a good start for you in your pursuits in life.

There have been a lot of folks asking to post to the site here. That means they are new to the protocols which we operate under. This is a non-posting sight. If you have a question, comment, or just want to say hi you will need to use the email account at the head of the Page to do so. We do not open requests to post, just delete them. We have no idea what you are sending unless it has a preview attached and I personally have no idea how to do that.

So be happy, no one is picking on you.

Being in the traditional second half of winter in the Land based on the Gregorian Calendar we though we would let Yifat entertain you with some beautiful pictures of an area close to her home near the rim of the Jezreel Valley.

Every year in February these special volumes of flowers bloom among the trees. You have seen them in years past but they never get old in each new growth cycle. Evgeny usually posts them as well so maybe another view down the road from him.

The first 4 pictures are of winters glory in the Land.

The 5th picture is from the same area and holds quite a conversation for us. If you zoom in just to the right of the tree you will see early wild oats reaching above the rest of the growth. They are just about ready to come out of the boot. Also notice the rest of the wild oats and wild barley are all still under the canopy of winter blooms.

Keep in mind this is just a short distance from the fields of winter wheat in head. Imagine that. Modern winter wheat varieties hold 42 chromosomes which is a complete abomination. The original wheat (Einkorn) has 14 chromosomes just like wild and domestic barley. There is a big message in that from our Creators: Father and Son.

The next photo from Evgeny shows us that the wild barley in the Upper Jordan Valley is still very young. Last years dead growth still towers above this years. This is an area of very early "goats grass" from year to year for those who are interested.

Learning to read the signs in the Land pertaining to the Abib Cycle each year can be difficult for many. So many are detached from growing things on their own. Be patient and put the time into the patterns which repeat themselves in the cycle year after year. It is kind of like learning to read, write, and speak a second language you have never been exposed to but seen others doing. All the markers and such are there to be read, they don't change, so it is up to us to put the effort in to learn them and thus be able to read and hear what they are telling us.

Our Creator will never leave nor forsake us. It is we who do the leaving and forsaking. But He is patient with us all for He of all knows we are a work in progress. Never give up! Just stand back up if you have tripped or been knocked down.

Onward Christian Soldiers!


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