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Monday February 5, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

We received a good and timely question yesterday about goat grass which I will also address here as I did in my email response.

There are 3 basic components of goat grass. Wild oats, wild barley and Darnell. Darnell/tares is the name given to the 4 types of Rye grass that grow in Israel. There are a few more lesser components as well depending on where you are looking. We have often over the years shown pictures of all 4 types of tares. You can find them in the records archive as well as in articles on the website.

When we use the term goat grass during our abib discussions we are focusing on the wild barley component growing in unacceptable soils which can not produce a Biblically defined agricultural crop of grain. Those areas are used for grazing animals. They are not plowed and prepped to sow seed.

Hope that helps anyone else who may have had the same question but did not ask.

It looks like today may be the last day for rain in the Land as it is currently experiencing. 11-12 days straight in much of it. Some kind of record no doubt.

As is our pattern for photo's during this part of the Abib Growing Cycle we will post some pictures of flowers growing in the Land first as they are the primary witness at this time. These are second part of winter flowers. Looking at the intricacies of their design can in a way overwhelm my senses. Maybe because I am a little kid in such things.

Next is a photo of a wheat field in the NW Negev. Following it is a blow up of a section of it. You will be able to see all the heads coming out of the boot (section of stalk that the head is formed in).

This same event is taking place in no less that three major grain growing areas across the Land. Remember we use wheat as an indicator of the season for it has the same growing time as its cousin barley does. It follows the same stages and timing detailed in Zadoks Code/Scale.

Then another photo of the Lonely Tree in Ruhamma. Look to the bottom of the photo and enlarge it. If you can't do that on the Facebook Page here, take a screenshot and save it and then you will be able to do so. Notice the swollen boots above the flag leaf joints in this field of domestic barley. Any day now for this location.

Then a typical photo of what much of the sandy soil locations in the south are looking like as a result of not much rain this cycle.

We hope the week is going well for all.

Our peace we give to you!


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