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Monday January 1, 2024

Good morning Folks,

Lots to contemplate these days is there not! It is a wonderful thing to understand that all the chaos and confusion surrounding the righteous, is there with a purpose for a future outcome and it is all according to plan.

As the word is celebrating its pagan new year we are watching all the signs placed in creation in the Promised Land that will direct us to the start of the Biblical New Year. That is a good focus that many do not understand. Keep up the good work those who do!

It won't be too long until we start to see the flowers of the second half of winter from the Land. Maybe we can do a post on just that and the actual flowers involved in the transition from Winter to Summer. Some are confused on that.

The coastal plain shows its signs of being very wet this winter.

The Galilee is showing off with her goat grass. We have not walked that area in a long time.

Here is the most advanced domestic grain we have seen to date. That is grain which did not receive any irrigation to kick start it.

Who can tell us the Zadok stage?

Our peace we give to you.


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