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Monday January 22, 2024

Hi Folks and Good Morning,

We are hoping your witnessing to the progression through winter to the first month is going well. Being in the 11th month and watching all the signs of it unfurl before our eyes in the Land is always a fixated time and place for me.

We have some photos relevant to that to follow but first I need to make a correction about the answer I gave to Erin's question in the last post on Sabbath.

I received an email from Brenda R who is one of the many brethren in Oregon. She suggested I may want to go back and re-read that answer as it is not saying what I would have it say. Sure enough, my copy and paste methodology from word files into posts caught up to me.

When I read it I was aghast for a number of reasons. One I did not proof read it before posting it. Brenda R. used to do a lot of that for all the long length articles on the website. She has a gift there in. It is fixed now and that section is included here as well.

The other lesson in this is not all that comforting. Our sister was the only one to bring it up! That is not a good development. We are all in this together, by that I am addressing those actually called by Father. Brenda used her gift in the Body to edify it in love (not feely-touchy but outgoing concern.)

Thank you Brenda once again. To those out there who noticed it and did not try to have it corrected you may want to conduct a self-examination.

So here is the correct full answer Erin.


Yes, there is. There are groups who state the barley must be aviv prior to the end of the 12th month.

On the other hand, there are those who look for it to be aviv before the day of the Wavesheaf coming up, in the potential Days of Unleavened Bread. I personally started originally using the actual date of the Wavesheaf of the First of the Firstfruits. That is Sunday during the 7 days of UB. However, now I use Abib 10. The reason for doing so; on the 14th day our Lord and Savior was beaten out as our Wavesheaf, as well as shedding His blood as our Passover Lamb of Fathers Household. The lamb was to be separated on the 10th day of the month. To insure a wavesheaf offering would be in Jerusalem for Wavesheaf Day the Levites would need to make sure it too was separated from the field and on its way there by the 10th of the month from the selected locations around the country which had matured first. That means by the end of the 13th day both the lamb and the firstfruits offering were in place. That lines up with the beating/winnowing, and the shedding of blood, that Christ went through that day. The spiritual reality of the physical. He was then qualified as the First of the Firstfruits Offering to take place on the first day of the week in the upcoming 7 Days of UB. Some agree with that and some do not, but keep in mind it is a very personal decision for us all to deal with in our intimate relationship we have with our spiritual Husband as we are to be the eternal helpmate to Him in Fathers household.

Now to the pictures for the day. The second half of winter flower witness leads off.

Then the domestic grain flourishing and growing wide and numerous with all the winter rains being retained in the soil. You should be familiar with these fields as they were used the past couple of years as examples.

Then some nice shots from Evgeny of the winter green of the goat grass.

Our peace we give to you!


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