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Monday January 30, 2023

Yes, we have a take 2 today. The level of disinformation is increasing and can only be categorized as a sham, a falsehood designed to harm another. The breaking of the 9th commandment in living color one might say.

Please look at the post of the "lonely tree" from January 8th of last year (2022). Note the size and color of the grain located there. Now compare that to the same location but 3 weeks and a year later, January 25 of this year, 2023.

You be the judge if we are exaggerating the affects this year of the extended lack of water. This is why we keep records for all to see from year to year.

Water is life. The Land has had near perfect temperatures so far in this cycle. However, it lacks the necessary rains from heaven. That is why a lot of the goat grass is maturing very quickly. Remember the lessons associated with goat grass?

Take all of your understanding you have acquired over the years pertaining to the growth cycle in the Land and decide for yourselves if the new year will start with this upcoming new moon of February.

Oh yes, it certainly appears that Father is going to negate the warm sunny days for a while this week and the beginning of next week.

Let's keep watching and personally witness to these things in this years growth cycle. Remember any questions or comments need to come through the email listed at the top of this Page. We don't open any requests to post unless they are accompanied by a preview.

Keep safe and we hope your week has been off to a very good starting couple of days.


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