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Monday March 13, 2023

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters,

Well, the migrating White Storks have decided to make a token visit to Agamon. Many have been bypassing the Land this year as if in a rush to get to their nesting grounds in the North.

Or could it be something else? No early birds this year with the White Storks, but certainly with those claiming to keep the Calendar of our Elohim. Can there be a link?

Of course there can and is. A nice cuff up the side of the head from a loving Creator. Wake up call folks. Let's see, I think their passover/unleavened bread may be over today? Let us see what the Creators of time and space do with that starting tomorrow.

I believe the White Storks will slow their pace and start performing their amazing witness in the skies over the Land. The great spires and vortexes that resemble a slow moving tornado with all the piecing squawking. Both are undeniable witnesses as to the timing of the Abib Calendar Cycle of our Elohim. Can't have Passover/UB without it!

Just think, the early birds will not be able to conduct their start to the 7 week harvest of barley tomorrow because of the rain for the next 2-3 days. Flooding is even being forecast. Yes, such events are a sign of still being in winter as scripture tells us. The alternative is it is a curse as scripture also instructs us. Take your pick. But from what we witnessed from them last year they do not get it, remember snow, sleet, hail, rain and record cold during their festive occasion last year. Its all in our archives for you to look up.

Maybe we will put up some pictures of the WS performing their witness. We have them in past reports in the archives for those who are really interested in such things.

There is a nagging question coming our way and we have been silent in responding to it: “Is it important to start the Month of Abib on the first day of the sighting of the crescent, or can we do so later in the month?”

Maybe later today. There is a very clear and simple pattern in scripture which answers that; past, present, and future. Maybe one of you can send over an answer we can post in assisting those who are unsure?

Remember the rules if doing so, no requests to post are opened unless there is a preview, best to send it to the g-mail address at the start of this Page.

Our peace we give to you.


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