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Monday March 27, 2023

Good Morning Brethren, We hope your preparations for the upcoming festivals of this First of the Months to our Elohim are well underway and that you have the time and initiative to examine yourself in an effort to remove any blemishes prior to them. That can and for many of us is the most difficult part of this walk. We have been able to answer multiple questions asked from folks who sent them to the email address and through a preview in a request to post. All have been sent on a personal level to date I believe. Also thanks for those of you who sent comments through a preview here, we appreciate them. But for those who insist on sending things without a preview you are wasting brain cells for we never see them.

Several questions being asked have simple replies:

  1. Does this remind you of 2005? Yes. If you want the history of that year just check it in the archives. In brief we original Christians who worked together with Nehemia broke all contact with him. He decided to change many of the rules and criteria we inspected by which we had all set together prior to us coming to the Land in 2002 to work together. They no longer would work for his personal agenda. I can give all the details but that has been put under the bridge a long time ago. So yes, changing the rules amidst an inspection is nothing knew under the sun for some folks in the Land.

  2. Do you know Yoel? No, not personally that is. He came into the picture some time after our split with Nehemia in 2005. I only know him through his posts.

  3. Is it true Nehemia started the new moon observations and barley inspections in the modern day activities of the Land? Absolutely not true! First of all, the fairy tales about when he actually started are a hoot. I don't think he even endorses some of them. A very dear friend and brother of mine in Christ/Messiah started following the lunar cycles and the grain cycles back in 1982 in the Land. Thats right, a Christian. He is a private person who stays out of the fray (unlike me on that last point) but has assisted many of you over the years without you knowing it.

  4. How was the FIRST of the Firstfruits Wavesheaf Offering handled as it is a MOST HOLY OFFERING? Many are asking this same question and some of the answers given that I have seen are right out of the book called Jewish Fables in the Second Marriage Covenant scriptures. We have answered this in the past over the years but, I will do so here in the next day or two to assist those who actually do not know. It is a nail in the coffin to those who think "all the farmers" brought it to Jerusalem. Remember only a specific tribe is set aside to directly handle Holy things, as well as part of that tribe to indirectly handle Holy things. The terms and conditions of the First Marriage Covenant are very clear unless they are set aside for commandments of men and traditions of the elders.

That's it for public responses for now. Please remember let us actually know if you want our response personal, or public to your questions coming through the two designated channels of communication. We will still be taking them up through the end of the week. Life is very busy for all of us here but we are also true to our function in the Body. Our peace we give to you.


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