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Monday March 4, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

It is a beautiful thing to see brethren coming of age in regard to the Abib Calendar. They are throwing off the tethers that many have been on and learning to make righteous decisions using their own abilities and resources and of course being led by the spirit and not men.

Before we get to the photos of the morning let me address a big concern of some of you.

Having been involved hands on with the Abib Calendar for decades there is nothing new under the sun. I as well as others in the Body have been hammered and smashed by the best of the mixed multitude, people of stupor, and their leaders throughout that time. And no it does not bother me or the others involved here at It is to be expected.

So, no to the requests to answer their attacks in like manner. That is a waist of brain cells and will accomplish nothing. It is actually supposed to be that way from what I read in scripture when you follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

I will give one example from this year so you all know the depth of the hypocrisy, and evil of intent, that they dwell in. I don't usually do this but if it helps some of you new folks understand how they speak out of both sides of their mouths then it is a good thing.

I am told the 2 Biblical clowns sucking the life out of any who come in contact with them who were running around Israel looking for any sliver of evidence to support their unholy declaration that this current month is the first month of the year have been attacking what we do here at 

Now for the hypocrisy in it which takes place behind their closed doors. These 2 clowns wanted us to give them the location for aviv barley so they could go there and declare how brilliant and righteous they are. Of course that would precipitate the demand for more money from their followers. I'm told they had to settle for some dead clumps of goat grass. Imagine that.

"Shalom Brian. My name is Sombra and I am on the Sighted Moon Executive team. I know the Barley Wars have been contentious over the years, but we are all trying to seek Yehovah’s face. I wonder if you would give me the location of the photos you took and posted on Facebook, that Joe and Randy would be able to also go sight the Barley. We are a body, we all need each other, and you have found the barley we are all looking for, the First Fruits. Thank you for your consideration Sombra."

No, we are not of the same Body! If your eyes are not open to such abominations yet, maybe that will assist you.

Now onto the photos and evidences given for the upcoming Month of Abib and the change from winter to summer.

Lambs are being dropped all over the Land. I wonder what Jacob would say about this little one?

Some of the White Storks are taking a break while on their migration through the Land. The big numbers will be coming through in two weeks or so. Tens of thousands of them then.

The vineyards are still in their winter sleep. Check the "Typical March" calendar file from the recent post containing it to see when we can expect them to come to life for another cycle and give their witness of the Month of Abib.

Then we have a really good photo of tares trying to masquerade as grain. They have the flowing heads and false bowing with no visible seed content visible. They are the ones in the forefront. Good lesson in that one. They try to look good but are none the less fakes.

Here now are two more good examples of what the fields of the early grain are starting to look like. Notice the green is fading and being overtaken by the transitional yellow coloring. What stage is that in according to Zadoks Code?

And to wrap this post up some flowers which accompany the transition from the 12th Biblical Month to the first Biblical Month. The intricacy of design instruct us about the mind and creative nature of our Elohim.

Our peace we give to you!


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