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Sabbath April 22, 2023

Good morning and Happy Sabbath Brethren.

In fact, it is also the first day of the second Biblical month regardless of what the two queens are proclaiming, one the third and the other the first. Once again, lots of evidence to follow here which they completely ignore in their grifting and stupor. Their patterns are very easy to see as we are to be able to discern the spirit of such things as scripture instructs us. They simply want to manipulate and then control a false narrative to suck you in and get some of your money, and do not forget your adoration, under a guise of godliness.

Also welcome to the second milestone in our count to Pentecost. The second tamyn Sabbath, or perfect Sabbath. Some ask why we use the Sabbath as the defining marker along the count for mainstream Judaism does not.

If anyone wants to send over the correct answer to it please do so via email and we will post it. Please keep in mind such a question in most cases is just a statement wrapped in the form of a question.

In these pictures today you will see lots of locations you have been looking at here on our sites for many months. You have seen some of these locations go through silage cutting to accommodate the dairy industry in the Land. However some are not being cut for silage with the new development of a wheat flour shortage in the world this year. Thus you have lots of standing grain which is machine harvest ready for flour at between 11-13% moisture content. Remember, follow the money.

Our first picture for today is from Guy in the Northern District. Please notice the completely hardened grain on the left and then that on the right having just entered the Leviticus 2:14 stage. A good illustration of the dynamics of a seven week harvest time period in the Land.

The next 6 pictures are from Yifat of very familiar locations to you. Please notice many of these fields have peeked out, and have moved beyond the Zadok Scale designation of machine ready for harvest.

Barley, wheat, and spelt are all present. What is not present at this time in them? Acceptable wild barley which was previously towering over them when the Month of Abib started. It shatters upon reaching Lev. 2:14 level as we have demonstrated so often for you. Go back and view the photos. This is a pattern of the Month of Abib.

Some are proclaiming that the recent torrential rains could not destroy the standing grain. And, some are actually believing and agreeing with such stupidity. So the next photo is of a desperate attempt to harvest just such a field which has succumbed to just such a fate before it becomes completely unusable. Please notice all the green stalks and heads laying on the ground while being harvested. The life of a farmer.

And now please take in what was taking place in the Land at a number of locations last April 6th. Yes, Judaisms harvesting of the omer. What did the various groups undertaking this practice know that the queen of the South did not? That's right, the same thing we knew as well, we were in the Month of Abib.

Dear brethren. We are in a spiritual war with the adversary and his minions. Many of you do not understand this and give quarter to the enemy. Babes in Christ/Messiah are being aborted and we can not turn a blind eye to it. Not only are we our brothers keeper, but all the more our younger brothers and sisters.

We need to be able to recognize these spiritual realities and work within the sphere of influence we have been placed in to assist them. We can't make them drink the good waters, that is above our pay grade, but we can certainly lead them by directing them to Those who can just as scripture instructs us to do. That would be Father and Son if you don't get it, our Elohim.

Our peace we give to you.


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