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Sabbath April 9, 2022

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to All!

As we mentioned earlier in the week the heat wave of the past 10 days has made its presence known in the Promised Land.

Our first photo is of Mt Hermon losing her winter crown. Timing is everything isn't it? The Sea of Galilee has been raising all week even though there has not been any rain. This is from snow melting off of the slopes of Hermon.

The intense heat and drying winds have, and are, making their presence felt on the grain crops as well.

The next 2 pictures of domestic grain from different fields in the area of the Jezreel Valley are turning color quickly with the east winds having driven hard day and night for such a sustained period of time.

Ten days ago they were very deep green. Sharav conditions, especially as sustained as this last event was, can have a major influence on any grain maturing quickly. We have spoken about this and shown evidence of it for many years to those who follow the reports.

This is a major tool in your: Abib Calendar criteria for timing, tool box. List it under effects of Sharav. Here is a good example of how fields mature which was taken earlier in the week. Notice one field has been cut for animal feed. I do not believe it is for silage but for dried out and bailed to be stored as you will see shortly.

However, look at the fields surrounding it and note the color changes starting in them. This is how hilly areas mature in the South. They will always start maturing from the top of the little hill down, as well as run along ridges, doing the same pattern. That is because the soils lose their moisture as it drains down to the flatter areas.

Lots of harvesting with a sickle principles can be brought up with that but we have done so often in the past so we will jump past that today.

Now, here is what that cut field looks like today, actually earlier this morning.

The young lady in the picture is not beating out the grain here, she is stomping it out. Notice all the full heads of grain still attached to the stalks. Obviously not harvested for grain, but cut for animal food. The fact it is being left to completely dry out lends us to believe it will be bailed. We'll keep an eye on it for you.

Not to be outdone by the South, the Northern Jordan Valley has gotten in on the cutting for animal food process which takes place in many of the grain fields at this time in their growth cycle. They reach the early dough stages of Zadok's Scale and then are at the optimum age to use for nutritious cattle or dairy cow food.

Once again, we have talked about this often in the past so use it as a marker for the grain growth stages and what lies just ahead in the next few weeks in the Land.

Our Peace we give to you!


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