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Sabbath December 16, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to you guys!

One way or the other we should all be in the 10th month of this Biblical Cycle. Some are not but that is okay from the standpoint that over the years we have all had to correct a misdirection in one form or another. As I mentioned to someone recently, all who are called by Father unto His Son are a work in progress until our change. Please be mindful of the conditions for this I just mentioned. Not all who have attached themselves to the Abib Calendar doctrine here at the end of the age meet that condition. So be ever vigilant and prove all things. No doubt course corrections will be part of that just like they have been for our Elohim.

Now that my pontificating is over lets get to some pictures of what the 10th Biblical Month looks like year in and year out if the Land is being even somewhat blessed.

The first five are of mixed locations of domestic grains with wild growing beside them. Then we have representatives of the early winter flowers. And then it is once again time to collect the early herbs and such.

Our peace we give to you.


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