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Sabbath December 30, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to All!

I can't repeat it enough how wonderful it is to have an understanding of the Biblical week created in the account of Genesis the first Chapter. Seven days with only one receiving a name from Yehovah: Sabbath. To understand the sequencing of these days is just so full of hope. After we left the confines of the corporate churches back in the mid 90's we quickly developed a deeper understanding for the 6th day as well. The day of preparation. What a blessing.

Lots of photos today from this week in the Land showing us the timing of the season there. As is our habit at this time of year we will lead off with the winter flowers of the first half of winter.

None of this could take place without the early rains giving life to them. With the rains come the early morning fogs and lets not forget the white egrets. They will now reside in the Land for several months. Such a tranquil coexistence.

The domestic and wild are growing in harmony in many of our traditionally early locations.

Some of you guys wanted a close up. Here is a standard example found in both domestic and wild grains at this time. It is a tillering bonanza going on at the moment. That is all due to the volumes of rain these locations have received. If they keep up there will be so much tillering and leaf/shoot development taking place they will look like little bushes in places.

That is all good unless the rains are too plenteous. That is when disease steps forward in the roots and in the flag leaves and spreads from there. Most of you long time observers have seen us demonstrate that in the wet years in the past.

However, it is a beautiful and harmonious start to about 2/3 of our grain growing areas that we inspect each year. Unfortunately much of the South is not crying the rains of heaven but the blood of many innocents.

Our peace we give to you!


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