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Sabbath, December 31, 2022

Happy Sabbath rest to you all,

It is always a welcomed event here for us. Time to actually think things out in depth which just does not seem to happen when ones life is busy during the other 6 days of the week.

With this being the end of December we are going to take a break from posting for a later date in the Abib growing cycle. Unless someone has some good pictures or information which would be of interest to the community here. And yes, that means pertinent to the actual facts of the cycle.

Please keep stuff like: a day starts at sunset, the new moon can be verified by satellite observation, Judaism is the only way to God, the queen of the north is the modern day Ruth, I'm a deceived lying dirt-bag who has never set foot in Israel, and all the rest of them to yourselves.

However, some of them are really funny. Maybe we will actually post some for the readers entertainment and of course education to what's out there.

To date we have established the current conditions as well of those up to this point in the cycle. That is our foundation for what will take place in the next month. Keep in mind January is a critical month for determining growth rates for acceptable barley locations.

Bridget will continue to post her by-monthly rain totals for your use.

We depart with two important photo's from yesterday.

The first is from the region of Daliyya. You have been seeing pictures of the winter wheat from there. In this picture you will get a good representation of the wild grains in grazing locations "goat grass" growth there as well. That is representative of Central Israel.

The second is from the Jordan Valley and is such a comfort to look at on the Sabbath. Here you can see the grain sisters and cousins living and growing in harmony. They have been blessed with good rain and sunshine to date. Those days will be fewer and farther between in the upcoming Gregorian month if the pattern holds true.

Remember if you do have something of interest use the email address for us to get in contact with the crew here.

Happy Sabbath!


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