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Sabbath February 10, 2024

Good Morning and a Happy Sabbath to you All!

We hope you are devouring the peace this day lends to us if we are part of our Saviors body. A good day to share some of the winter beauty of the Land.

And yes, I did receive a copy of the goat grass report put up by a past student. I will answer the questions about it tomorrow. No need to pollute the Sabbath with such stuff. If anyone else has questions about it send them over to the email address at the head of this Facebook Page before hand, and I will include them in it unless they are duplicates. Remember we don't open requests to post.

Even in a time of war He makes it clear he will never leave nor forsake us. He is the same: yesterday (First Marriage Covenant) today (Second Marriage Covenant) and forever (the Kingdom).

Our peace we give to you!


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