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Sabbath February 11, 2023

Happy Sabbath to all!

Here are a couple of pictures from one of our favorite photographers in the Land. They speak to us of the winter season in the cycle.

The red anemones are in full bloom in the South. There are so many pictures of them flooding the internet it would be next to impossible to decide which are the best.

But here in these 2 pictures we have a number of items captured. You can see some of the early wild oats in green head recently out of the boot. That is right on time to our understanding of the start of the upcoming Biblical Year in March.

Mixed among these patches of oats are tares (Darnel) trying to keep pace with them. Please remember in these locations the soils are not used for domestic production because they are unstable from year to year.

However, if you look closely at all the smaller plants you will notice they are all at the same growth stage. That is the young wild barley which has received a good helping of rain these past few days there. The soils here are quite sandy. That is important for it will allow the plants to now grow bigger broader leaves and produce more tillers. That delays the maturing process. Production goes into looking big and green instead of head growth.

Once again, we hope this can be of assistance to you in your own personal evaluation of the start of the year. Many witnesses to come in the next 4-5 weeks in creation in the Land.

In respect to witnesses, if you get some time today would you send prayers up for a brother in this journey. Allan has been fighting a long drawn out battle with an illness which is beyond the means of man to correct. Father will know what it is about.

Thank you, family is forever.


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