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Sabbath February 2, 2024: Take 3

Some notices and questions answered.

Happy Sabbath once again,

It is an amazing thing here at the end of the age how many people don’t understand simple messages like: we do not open requests to post. Here are the simple rules that take place if someone is declined and then they fire back more, they simply get blocked. It does not happen often, but it does happen from time to time. That kind of behavior that induces the desire to slam us with requests is not rooted in fuzzy warm feelings is it. All you have to do is email us. But that does not have an audience right.

For you guys who send your requests over with a “preview” in it, we do read those. And in most cases, your thoughts are appreciated.

That brings up another thought.

Our Elohim do not live in an existence of “if” or “maybe.” Their entire existence is predicated on “yes” and “no.” Some ask questions predicated with an “if” to us. We do not answer “if’s” just to clear the air on that one as well. It is enough of an effort to live in a real timeline event, to add “if” scenarios to it, or “maybe” scenarios to it.

Satan is the originator of “if” distractions from a reality. He employed it even in his challenges to Christ in the wilderness.

What do the scriptures instruct us about our yes’s and no’s?

Now, you old timers already know the answers to the things we will be answering, so bear with us please.

There are some asking about the Biblical evidence for an intercalated year. That is another trap from the adversary to spread a thread of doubt in our obedience to the plain and simple pattern in scripture and in creation which we will get to.

Genesis 1:14-19 is very simple and clear to one like myself. I actually believe the light from the sun and the moon as seen on the earth is what I use to set the many moedim mentioned in it. We set the duration of a day and a month by them. We are to use those heavenly signs in conjunction with the physical reality of the growing seasons in the Land to establish the will of Father as to which days we will keep in a yearly cycle as annual appointed times of meeting. Its really quite simple if you keep it that way.

You should all know the physics associated with the sun and the moon as to number of days etc., relative to a month and a year in simple arithmetic terms. That is the physics side of things. But even that is not the most important thing.

Our Elohim give us a window in a Biblical Month, and in a Biblical Year to work with, to see if in fact we will be looking at Them to make a righteous decision. It is a test!

For the New Moon, it is a window of either 29 or 30 days. If a lunar cycle is to be visible based on its created physics on a 29th day, and that is not fitting to the plans of our Elohim, it is blocked from its light being seen on the earth by one or more meteorological conditions like clouds, haze, etc., because They also control that to work out Their purposes for their focal point on earth.

How simple is that! Will we be obedient to their obvious instructions as to which They have decided on?

The same thing applies to our keeping a 12 month, or a 13 month year. Once again, another window to choose in. However, the last month is not the important one. They once again use meteorological conditions to bring it about and give us the answer. The festivals of the first and third months are all predicated on harvests. Father regulates them as He chooses, to either mature in a new first month, or a 13th month. It’s that simple. It’s all intended for us to be watching Them; Father and Son, to see Their decisions. Once again all about obedience. Its not the end which is important but recognition of the beginning each and every new year.

Keep in mind They also use the sun to initiate the witness of 40% of the 10 Biblical witnesses to the change from winter to summer. Yes, the birds which are listed in Jeremiah and in the Song of Solomon. A trigger is placed in them for a chemical change to take place with the increase of light and the decrease of light. That is what we refer to as instinct. It does not fail. It sends them into the great migration events. Those migrations are always triggered before the equinox, so file that magic moment in the sky 2000 miles south of Jerusalem in a box.

Jeremiah 8:7 Even the stork in the heavens knows her appointed times (moedim); and the turtledove, the swift, and the swallow observe the time of their coming. But My people do not know the decisions made by Yehovah.

By the way the descendants of Native Israel have not changed, thus they still do not understand or know them. We are forbidden in scripture from taking their understandings as our own in our relationship with Father or Son.

Song of Solomon 2:11-13 For lo, the winter is transitioning, the rain is hastening away. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come and the voice of the turtledoves heard in our land. The fig tree puts forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grapes give a smell.

No Turtledoves singing their romance songs yet, no new green figs, and no grapes putting forth a leaf let alone a sour grape cluster in embryo. But soon. I have attached the file of a Typical March with all the traditional dates in it for many of the witnesses to the changing from winter to summer in the transition Month of Abib.

These are just some of the directions and instructions we are given in scripture as to what we look for. It is all directed by our Elohim. We look to them not magic moments or any such nonsense.

When Yehovah gave His instruction to Moses and Aaron about the start of the year He did not give them the number of months, or for that matter the number of months in a year, did He? No, He did not. The important thing was to get the head of the months straight. It would be the start of every yearly cycle. It is called the Month of Abib. What else do you need? There is only one head of the months in each year. The first one, not the 7th one. We are to be obedient and look for the first, then we know when the year starts; be it in a 12 month year, or a 13 month year is irrelevant for the first seven months hold all of the annual rehearsals tied to the harvests in the Promised Land.

Native Israel was given two criteria at that time for this month to keep its Moedim each on their day. Barley (Abib) qualifying for a First of a Firstfruit offering and lambs less than a year in age. All the rest came later as necessary.

Some folks get all stressed out on the number of months used for service. Only 12 listed they emphatically say. Good, try using that and watch your unholy and blemished moedim move through the seasons like the Muslims do. So much for the moedim tied to the grain harvests in the Land, eh! Some actually think they have nothing to do with it. Imagine that.

We here like to keep it stupid simple. We look to the spiritual reality in each of the annual rehearsals. We do not cut a wavesheaf, for our First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf who took a beating on our behalf, before He was offered as the Lamb of Fathers household, is sitting at the right hand of Father. However, we need to undertake the time and effort to know when the barley qualifies as such.

Our Marriage Covenant terms are not those the Native Israelite's had to make good with. Ours are much more personal and demanding because we have access to the spirit of the Elohim. What a blessing to be called by Father unto His Son! What a further blessing to be chosen as a candidate to be an eternal helpmate by Christ/Messiah.

That is the simplicity of our intercalated answer to your question.

On to wheat now.

Some want to know why we use wheat as an indicator for the month of Abib when it is to be used for Pentecost?

A very good question which the old timers here know the answer to. The obvious one is it has the same growth time frame as barley does. Thus, if planted at the same time in the same location they have pretty much the same finish when planted in the Land. It can be different in other locations around the world where winter wheat planted in September or October goes dormant through the frozen winter months.

Did you know wild barley, domestic barley, and Einkorn wheat (the original one) all have 14 chromosomes. Modern wheat has 42. Fascination spiritual realities linked to those facts’ folks.

But to the heart of the question.

There is no spring wheat planted in Israel any longer and has not been for a very long time. When Israel was expelled from the Land the blessings from heaven also were curtailed there. Vast tracts of ground there are virtually unusable now unless massive amounts of irrigation take place.

Then you have the heat which comes in prior to Pentecost. It turns the landscape brown starting in the Negev and then moving northward. There is no time for a spring planting of wheat to grow through the Zadok growth scales before it is withered in a time frame after the start of the 3rd Biblical Month unless irrigated intensely. The farmers are not going to use their water allotment on a crop like wheat or barley. They use it for big money producing crops like vegetables, and fruits, and vine producing vineyards. Simple economics combined with an unfriendly climate and unfriendly soils in many locations spell no spring wheat.

As it is, the majority of barley and wheat grown through the winter are cut and used for silage for the dairy operations. After it has reached the dough stage of 8.3 no further growth is required to fulfill the needs of the dairy cows. It has maxed out nutritionally. The seeds will not grow anymore length. They will just add on more moisture to their girth.

Now onto how much mature barley do you need to start the Month of Abib?

Kind of a trick question for many.

For Linda and I it is simple, we do not need any aviv barley ready at the end of the 12th month to start the Month of Abib. If you do we have no issue with that. We even do the leg work to assist many in that pursuit. We need it to be ready by the 10th of the month just like the lamb, so it can be ensured that it will make it to Jerusalem by Passover and be prepared to be used on the first day of the week falling during the days of UB. Remember the 48 Levitical cities in all the different locations in the Land. They kept a watchful and accurate eye on things and knew when the First of the Firstfruit qualifying grains would be found in their respective districts. Quite simple with no guess work at all. That is what good attentive farmers do as well, so they are not caught off guard and unprepared for the rigors of a harvest.

For instance, and example. There are fields south of the Sea of Galilee (and in several other locations as of now) that will qualify for a First of the Firstfruit offering this year. That is a 4 day journey on foot to get the cut wavesheaf quantity to Jerusalem. Get you Levite hiking shoes on. That means if it were cut and started to be transported on the 10th of the first month, it would be there by Passover. It is the same principle of the lamb. The holy offering is separated from the rest of the field on the 10th day. Just as the lamb was to be separated on the 10th day and kept close so it did not develop a blemish of any sort. Many families made the journey to Jerusalem and the Temple with their lamb in tow. Very simple stuff to understand the pattern of.

By spending lots of time observing the various grain growing regions around the Land, and then applying Zadoks code for growth to their maturity level at the end of the 12th month, and then applying the potential upcoming weather conditions to it, we have a very simple equation with an absolute answer. It has not failed yet! He will never leave nor forsake us.

Please understand the pattern of grain growing in the Land. If there is an acceptable and qualified field that is producing a First of the Firstfruits Holy grain Wavesheaf Offering there will be others as well, and many others following close behind in one or more regions, and thus a 7 week duration assigned in the Bible for completing the first grain harvest.

It is so perfectly put together.

So that is the long and the short to this answer. We do not need a First of the Firstfruit holy grain offering ready on the first day of the Month of Abib. We look to the example of our Savior the First of the Firstfruit and Lamb of Fathers household.

Why don’t you allow people to comment on this site?

Once again, a simple answer. It is an informational site only. Everyone can take the information provided and apply it accordingly to their understandings. This is not a site where debating doctrines is allowed. People can come here and have some peace of mind that they will not be reading obscene Biblical delusions that many are engaged in these days and like to dump on others.

If you don’t like what you read simply don’t waste any brain cells tormenting yourself. Be happy and don’t return. To do otherwise is very unbalanced.

Our peace we give to you!

A Typical March Calendar (updated w_2023)
Download DOCX • 33KB


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