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Sabbath February 24, 2024

Good morning Folks and a Happy Sabbath to All!

So, we are now 17 days away from the new moon of March depending on how you configure your understanding around that subject. That is kind of like an eternity in the 12th Month of the Abib Calendar.


Because as we close out the last 2 weeks of a 12th month in a normal yearly cycle things can happen at a quickened pace and in such volume it can take a long time to catch it all and take it in.

In the first picture today take some time and study the heads of grain. The ones in good view are past the flowering stage and into the milk stages. How long with the upcoming weather conditions will it take before they reach the dough stages? Remember not turning completely yellow but to the start of Zadok stage #8? Be conservative, and then apply it to the remaining time until the next new moon and thus the Biblical months start.

This is a simple exercise to undertake at this time in the Abib Growing Cycle. Keep in mind this location is not the most advanced location as we have seen older stands of grain the past 2 weeks.

Remember the point of the exercise: how long to go through the milk stages to get to the dough stage?

The size and health of the flag leaves in this photo are real good. They tell us this field has received a balanced amount of rain and sun.

Migrating Pelicans have entered the Land these past few days. A welcomed sign that typically preceded the entry of the White Storks. Here are a couple of recent photos if you are not familiar with what they look like.

Some of you guys will recognize the next one. You have seen it often when in the Land or from photos of its timing there. Wild mustard plant is starting to pop up in many locations.

Blossoms and flowers of the second half of winter are just about everywhere in the Land.

The streams are running full telling us the Land has received its heavy winter rains as required. In a week or so these will diminish in some areas as the early rains slow down. Many folks in the Land wait for this time of year to have family outings near them. That will switch over shortly to the maturing grain outings for photos.

Some farms are picking oranges in the NE Negev. With the shortage of help due to the war many volunteers have been allowed to enter the country to assist the farms in their early fruit harvests.

Then a gentle photo reminder to bring to memory for us who is really in charge of things. He will always be there for us, so if you trip and fall along the way get back up and move forward no matter what the outlook is, for He is the constant in our lives and in many cases the sole reason for life in many.

May you have a peaceful Sabbath rest and some sustained communication with our Creators: Father and Son.

Thank you for loving Them.


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