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Sabbath February 3, 2024

Good Morning and a Happy Sabbath to you all.

We hope you have arrived safely to this Sabbath rest from your weeks journeys and efforts.

The North has seen another round of intense rains which result in some amazing photo of so many waterfalls. We hope you are seeing them when you scan the internet in relation to all the winter pictures and witnesses in the Land at this time.

We will once again start off with some of the second half of winter flowers.

The photos coming out of the Golan and upper Galilee show them moving through their cycle stages after the same ones have been completed further south of them.

Also time to check in on the 4 legged lawn mowers. These are typical of what we have been seeing to date unless they are found in pens on a farm and are crossbred for early lambing. That degenerate witness is on par with anemic goat grass.

These sheep are very pregnant getting ready to drop their lambs so feeding continually. The timing of all of these witnesses in creation as to the Biblical timing of the year is impeccable if not manipulated by some folks.

We will finish up this post with a photo of the domestic grain in the Upper Jordan Valley and the Center of the Land.

Remember, lots of heads both wild and domestic (the two sisters) will be coming out of the boot this coming week. A truly beautiful time of year in the Land, so full of hope and promise from our Elohim.

Our peace we give to you.


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