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Sabbath January 20, 2024

Happy Sabbath to you All!

What a blessing: 7 x 70. Some of you guys are experiencing extreme hardships this week around the globe due to major storms. We hope you have prepared for such events as they will be increasing more and more.

Bill and Marsha are just one example of this. They went without power for 5 days this week with power lines and trees down all over due to an extensive ice storm. They were warm and fed during it because they had a wood stove backup with lots of firewood dried out ready to burn, and lots of food reserves to sustain them.

That is not the case for many in that part of Oregon because they have not prepared in any way, shape, or form. Some will not have power back in freezing temperatures for another week. The lesson for us all in this is simple, we not only prepare spiritually but also physically until our Lord and Savior comes.

Lots of "stuff" for you guys today which will no doubt take multiple posts. Lets start with the winter flowers in the Land which instruct us that we are in the beginning of the second half of winter there.

Then we have a classic. Look who is peeking over the hill to watch the cattle feeding on the goat grass.

Cattle, like sheep and goats, have some fine dinning to do at this time of the Abib Growing Cycle.

The growth rate of the grains around the country are close in some locations and not in others.

One of the ways you can tell what stage domestic grains are in is to look for the first photos of tractor tracks going through the fields of grain. For those who do not know these things about farming this takes place when the grain receives its initial spraying treatment. The rule of thumb is to do so between second leaf emergence up to flag leaf starting to lengthen (not when it is full). That way the plant receives less shock damage.

Following the signs/witnesses in creation placed there for our instruction will keep us on the straight and narrow road following the Lamb wherever He goes.

Our peace we give to you.


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