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Sabbath January 20, 2024: Take 2

Good Morning once again fro frigid Tennessee.

There is quite a bit of curiosity about the conditions in the NW Negev as many of you guys know it had been a bastion of both domestic and wild barley in the past. It is and will be again but to date it is running behind other areas in the country which host many fields of the two barley sisters growing together. That is domestic and wild for those who do not recognize the term. You can catch up on all the posts relevant to them in past years reports.

The NW Negev has started to come up to or slightly exceed what should be average rainfall for this Abib Growing Cycle. What that means is that it did not have sufficient early rains to encourage growth like we see in several other regions.

The video earlier in the week of the runners in this area speaks volumes to us about the health and age of the grain located there. That are in the video consisted of the triangle from Sederot to Beit Kama, then across to Netivot, and then back up to Sederot. Many of you have followed our inspections over the years in this area with some of you participating in them.

The first picture is a Google Earth photo of it. Left out the far left lower corner of Netivot but you get the general location.

Following are some pictures from earlier by Sagy who we left in one so you can get a growth perspective. This is from the Ruhama area on the upper center of the triangle in the Google photo. The area here is often referenced as the "Badlands" due to its mix of excellent soil locations and then those which are not able to be plowed and planted.

To have sustained growth, let alone germination the seeds need water from the heavens. That may sound simple to most but to some it does not equate. The reason is they are so detached from nature in this often overly dumbed down world.

It is easy to see that the soil here is holding moisture. With that condition in place there will be sustained growth. More rain is on the way and will keep up for the next 6-8 weeks as the early rains. At that time the latter rains kick in and do their Biblical part in the Abib Growing Cycle.

And yes, we have included the Lonely Tree for you since it is referenced so often in past reports and postings over the years. This is its home territory if you did not know.

It is my opinion this area will not be in the running for the First of the Firstfruits crown this year. But that can change based on Fathers will as we have experienced in the past. Many other areas are far more advanced than this one.

Our peace we give to you.


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