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Sabbath January 20, 2024: Take 3

Me again,

It is a good time to bring some of the younger members of the body up to speed on what we look for to qualify to be a First of the Firstfruits Wavesheaf Offering. It is the primary witness to the change of the year from winter to summer and thus the transition month of Abib. But it also needs more of the 10 Biblical witnesses placed in scripture and in creation for that purpose.

We will concentrate on the wild barley as that is what so many do. Keep in mind in doing so they are opening themselves up to be deceived. I am told one of our former apprentices is doing that right now. Imagine that.

We need to either believe the Bible in its instruction to us or not. There is no middle ground in our quest to grow in favor, acceptance, and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. For you new comers those are the names I use, but understand Yeshua, Yashua, etc. and Messiah are as readily applicable. Its all in your intimate relationship with Him through your calling by Father.

There are some who teach that Native Israelites did not plant barley but only used wild barley. That is a brain dead teaching not found in scripture. It is also a brain dead agricultural teaching. Wild barley is designed to shatter and the heads break as soon as it reaches the state of aviv, which means it can reproduce itself. At that stage (between 8.3 -8.5 on Zadoks scale) it shatters and falls to the ground before being dried out. So much for a harvest, eh!

On the other hand her sister, the domestic barley does not shatter and fall to the ground at that Zadok stage. Both have 14 chromosomes which comes from 7 pairs or sets of 2 chromosomes each, thus the total of 14. They have father (male) and mother (female) chromosomes. Thus, they are self-pollinating. She is designed to hold fast to what she has until it is her time to be harvested. That can be up to a month later depending on what meteorological conditions are thrown at her.

That is a simple fact, because she has been enhanced with a linking of genes: BT1-BT2. The spiritual ramifications of this are beautiful The wild barley is representative of Native Israel who did not have the spirit of Elohim attached to them except for rare occasions.

We who are called at this time under the terms and conditions of the Second Marriage Covenant have the spirit of Father and Christ dwelling in us. We are linked.

Thus we look for the witness of the wild and the domestic sisters growing together in a Biblically designated location. You may ask what would be representative of the location if you are new to this site. It is a location of good soils. The Bible says good soils are ones that can be plowed, disced, leveled, and then sown.

Isaiah 28:23-26 Listen up and hear my voice, pay attention and hear my words. Does the plowman keep plowing all day to sow? Does he (not) keep turning his soil and breaking the clods (before sowing)? Does he not then level its surface next, and then does he not sow the black cummin and scatter the cummin, plant the wheat in rows, the barley in the appointed place, and the spelt in its place? For his Elohim instructs him in (this) right judgment/understanding.

Either a person believes that instruction or not. There are many more of these Biblical principles also spoken about on the website

It is said pictures are worth a thousand words. That is depending on the words that is. Below you can view 2 photos from last years Abib Growing Cycle. They are from 2 different locations in the Land. However both are found in the same soils.

Notice the size of the wild barley towering over the domestic grain below it. We have many locations like this spread all over the three major grain growing regions in the Promised Land.

Thus we look for the two sisters witnessing together as to the timing of the change from winter to summer. Also for you newcomers we also check winter wheat fields for wild barley in them as well. The winter wheat and the barley are cousins and planted at the same time in Israel. They also share the exact same Zadok's growth rates. You can go through the several decades of reports to see that pattern or just look to the agricultural reports on the internet about such things.

Keep in mind that the winter wheat is not as hardy as the domestic barley or the wild barley. It can be suppressed by weather conditions more so than both barley sisters.

One of these pictures below show that wonderfully. Chose which one.

So if you have someone shoving some anemic wild barley examples in your face and claiming they are representative of our Lord and Savior, as our Wavesheaf, the First of the Firstfruits, then dust of your feet and walk away, or sit there and be dumbed down and have your crown stolen by one intent on doing just that.

Our peace we give to you!


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