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Sabbath March 16, 2024: Take 2

Hi Guys,

Who wants to have a little fun with the armchair quarterbacks who have their necks stuck way out on the chopping block?


It is a hoot how many of them this year are using all the phrases, terms, and wording we have instilled into the Abib Calendar narrative over the years. Unfortunately in most cases, not all, they are clueless as to how to use them and when they try to turn it around onto us in a negative way it always backfires if it gets to us for we can expose it easily.

Here is a prime example. You have heard us warn everyone on the Facebook Page here that they need to be careful to inspect pictures as to the angle of the sun. In early morning and late afternoon when on a sharp angle down the rays can make green awns look yellow.

Someone tried to use that against us in a photo we posted Friday. Anyway the photo is first in line here. Is a low angle sun making these awns look yellow as it shines directly on them? No guessing be a forensic barley inspector.

Okay I enlarged the top of the photo. Is there any direct sun rays on it? No, in fact there is a shadow on it.

What color is the 6 row barley there?

Imagine that.

Do not be swayed by people who know not what they talk about or have a very clear agenda to convince you this is not the Month of Abib. Use what you have been given from above here at the end of the age.

Take the time to read John 10:1-14 and use that as your guide through all of the Abib Calendar chaos caused by who?

You never know where the displaced Canadian will show up next on his migration.

Our peace we give to you.


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