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Sabbath March 2, 2024

Public Service Announcement to the Body:

Good Morning Brethren and a Happy and Healthy Sabbath to you All!

First off this morning I have been encouraged to put up this public service announcement since the confusing reports of no barley in the head are being circulated.

This report will entitled: "You can't make it up!"

So we will give assistance to the one originating the reports of 3 different regions in the Land with all the barley looking like grass, some assistance with pictures and directions. Lets just use one of the so called no barley in the head locations: NW Negev.

Lets start with Isis' photos from last Sabbath first. Yes, February 24th. You have not seen these yet. Please notice the domestic grain first. Do you see heads of grain shouting to you? Yes you do. Just think what this field looks like a week later after all the sun and heat there.

Here is another one of her posts the same day. What do we see? Lots of wild barley in the head in agriculturally acceptable ground.

Now for the location. You have read about this location often in our reports and it is a favorite of others as well. Why? Because it and the surrounding Kibbutz's are known for their early grain harvests.

Now lets go down the road a few miles to one of the well known and used goat grass locations from last Sabbath as well. This way we will cover all the bases. Pictures are cropped so as to keep out some subject matter.

So what do you see here? Yes, all kinds of goat grass (wild barley growing in non agricultural ground) and well into the head development stages as it should be. That is its pattern there. Now envision this location a week later after the sun and heat.

And lets not forget Ruhamma a few miles up the road in the other direction from Shovel. Remember this one from last week that we spent time on about the low elevation sunlight on it? All those wadis running through it are all filled with nice wild barley as well.

Now for fun just go back through the reports from the past 3 weeks and see all the nice big beautiful heads of both domestic and wild giving witness to you in our reports.

Now lets fast forward to this morning from this same area of the NW Negev.

In the first photo you see big tall wild barley in the head towering over a young wheat field.

Then a few more around the NW Negev.

All the domestic grains: barley and wheat; which were planted in early October and received the October germinating rain events are all well into head development. So is the wild barley growing amongst both of them. Pictures are worth a thousand words are they not.

Domestic barley and wheat have the same Zadok growth scale to maturity. At times the barley will grow at a quicker pace based on meteorological conditions. For instance, barley will germinate at 34 degree F. Modern wheat will not. Barley is more drought resistant than modern wheat as well. So yes, wheat can and is used as an indicator of the growing cycle in any given year if planted at the same time as barley.

That is why you see us posting pictures of both. If the wheat field is mature in a specific location we know for a fact that the domestic barley will be as well.

Be on guard folks. There already have been, and will continue to be, a lot of mischief this year as to the keeping of the Month of Abib according to the desire of our Elohim.

More posts to come later and maybe even some questions answered as well. We will see.

Our peace we give to you!


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